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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 3. 2019

In this Issue

New Physiotherapist
A new home for Alex
Water Harvesting Project - update
Potter's Village Animals
New babies
Ultrasound Appeal - Final Stage
Coffee & Crops
FOPV - Celebration day
Please pray for us

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New Physiotherapist

Janie Robson is an experienced children’s physiotherapist from the UK.  She first worked in Uganda as a midwife in Community Health and Development with TEAR fund in 1983-1985 at Kagando Hospital. It was during this time that she came to understand how difficult life can be if you have a disability or have a child with a disability in Uganda.

She is hoping to set up regular clinics for children with disabilities to receive physical therapy and to developmental follow up clinic for the premature babies so that if a baby does have an emerging problem, they can identify it early and start therapy.

She also plans to support children in the medical centre who need physiotherapy as well as with the crisis centre children who show signs of developmental delay.

A new home for Alex

You may be aware of the ongoing story of Alex, the little boy who had to have heart surgery in Germany when he was a baby.  The team at PV have been looking for a permanent home for him and we are so pleased to tell you that a resettlement plan has finally been made for Alex. He is now 2.5 years old and he is doing really well, but the team at Potter’s Village have been struggling to find a solution to his long term care.  It has very recently been agreed that Alex will go and live with his maternal Grandmother and Grandfather.   Both Alex’s Mother and Aunt suffer with a mental disability, although both are responding well to treatment a suitable and safe home needed to be found for him. 

The family are quite poor and his Grandparents are in the 70’s, so the team at Potter’s Village will support them as much as possible in caring for Alex.  He will have monthly food support and close monitoring due to his complex medical needs. We are excited for Alex as it will be much better for him to be in a loving family environment and we ask for your prayers that his Grandparents will have the strength to look after him.

Water Harvesting Project - update

We mentioned in our spring newsletter letter that there were several building projects going on around Potter’s Village. Funding was found to complete these and we are now pleased to say that Potter’s Village has three rainwater harvesting tanks in place. This is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also cost saving for the project.  Lots of rain water can be collected during the wet season which can be used throughout the rest of the year.

Potter's Village Animals

Potter's Village currently has 4 pigs (2 male, 2 female), 1 cow and two calves.  It is planned that the female calf will be kept on at PV in order to have two cows producing milk.  The pigs are mostly the desirable black variety and piglets are sold as and when required.


New babies

Perfect was born in late May and was brought to PV at about 6 weeks old.  Her mother was taken sick after her birth and family initially took her to hospital, but she didn't improve quickly, so they decided that she has been bewitched and took her for healing at the church.  Sadly she died whilst at church.  We are unsure yet who will care for Perfect once she is old enough to be re-settled.

Promise, was brought to Potter’s Village at the end of April at approximately 1 month old. She was found abandoned along the road in one of the villages near the town. We put radio announcements to see if there will be any one claiming the child or even to know who the parents were but sadly we had no response. It is planned that she will be taken to Fort Portal, SOS Children's home where we know they will give her all she needs for the future.

Lucky was also born in late May and came to PV a few days later. His mother is a psychiatric patient and never wanted to feed the baby. The grandmother brought the child and was admitted in the Medical centre where he stayed for a whole month due to different infections that were found in him. Early this month, he was then admitted in the babies’ room and is doing well. The mother is seeing our psychiatric doctor and when she stabilises, she will be re-united with her baby.

Ultrasound Appeal - Final Stage

Friends of Potter's Village are currently fundraising to buy an Ultrasound Machine for Potter's Village.  This lifesaving equipment can help diagnose patients quickly and effectively and is desperately needed.  To read more about how important this machine is and find out how to donate click on this link to our website.

We are incredibly grateful to all those who have already donated and we have managed to raise over £18,000, which is fantastic.  Thank you to everyone who has already supported this appeal. 

Ultrasound Appeal page

Please donate what you can thank you. 

Coffee & Crops

We are pleased to say that although the coffee plants take at least 3 years to mature to produce enough coffee beans, some are already progressing well and are healthy. Some of the plants were unfortunately eaten by the cows, but we hope to sill have enough left for a good harvest. 

Groups going out to PV have kindly replenished our stocks of seeds for the re-planting of the PV garden.  They currently have bananas, cabbages, carrots and spinach.

FOPV - Celebration day

The next Friends of Potter's Village Celebration day will be held at All Saints Church, Marple on Saturday 16th of May 2020.  We are delighted to say that Dr Nicci Maxwell will be able to join us as she is back in the UK at that time.

Further information about the day will be available in due course on our website, but please put the date in your diary!

Please pray for us

As Potter's Village increases in size inevitably costs will also increase.  Please pray that we continue to find funding and support in order that we can continue to expand and save the lives of those who need us the most.

Give Thanks to God for:

  • The good reputation of the Medical Centre for its cleanliness and care 
  • A home found for Alex with his Grandparents
  • For all the volunteers who support Potter's Village through prayer and practical assistance 
  • The numbers of lives saved through the existence of Potter's Village
  • The continued support of PV crisis centre. Our babies are growing well and the community support programme has helped a lot of households in Kisoro
  • The crops and animals that PV has, that they may continue to flourish and provide food for the children
  • The Ultrasound appeal and for all those who have donated towards this cause. 

Please Pray for:

  • Overseas Dr's willing to cover the Medical Centre work whilst Dr Nicci has much deserved time off.
  • The new babies who have arrived at PV and their long term care
  • Staff in the Special Care Nursery as they cope with large number of vulnerable babies
  • Nicci Maxwell as she continues her work both in the Diocese and at Potter's Village
  • Pray for our Ultrasound appeal, that we may find the remaining money needed to buy this lifesaving equipment
  • Pray for Janie Robson as she settled into life in Kisoro and starts her clinic work that many disabled children will find help and support