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Public Health Nutritionists Are
Improving Nutrition, Decreasing Disease

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) is pleased to announce the kick-off of its See It. Say It. Share It. campaign, a communications effort to promote the value of public health nutritionists. The campaign is based on a series of sound bites that can be used to help others learn more about the profession. The sound bites will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The first sound bite in the series is “Improving nutrition, decreasing disease.” According to ASPHN executive director, Karen Probert, MS, RD, “a critical aspect of any public health nutritionist’s job is developing strategies that offer greater access to healthy and affordable food and nutrition-related care. These strategies are improving nutrition, decreasing disease within our at-risk populations, which often suffer from preventable health conditions related to poor nutrition.”

ASPHN’s See It. Say It. Share It. campaign offers a web page that houses downloadable posters and videos highlighting individual state initiatives spearheaded by public health nutritionists who are ASPHN members.

The video related to the sound bite “Improving nutrition, decreasing disease” showcases Iowa’s Guide for Growing Healthier Iowans, a document filled with practical steps that low-resource Iowans can use to get involved in food gardening. 

ASPHN encourages its members, partners, colleagues and other stakeholders to visit its See It. Say It. Share It. web page to obtain the materials and get ideas on how to use the sound bites. “Together, we can raise awareness for the value of public health nutritionists and the wonderful work they do,” says Probert. “The sound bites make it fun and easy.”

To learn more about the See It. Say It. Share It. campaign, please contact Sandy Perkins, MS, RD, LD at sandy@asphn.org or 814-255-2829 ext. 702.

Founded in 1952, ASPHN is a non-profit membership organization that provides state and national leadership on food and nutrition policy, programs and services aimed at improving the health of our population. ASPHN’s membership is composed of more than 300 public health nutritionists located throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. ASPHN's vision is healthy eating and active living for everyone. You can find ASPHN on the web at www.asphn.org and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/asphn.