Oxfam Policy & Practice News December 2015
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Oxfam Policy & Practice News December 2015

The latest policy, research, and learning from Oxfam


What did COP21 in Paris achieve? In this combined November and December newsletter we look back, reflecting on the outcomes of the climate change conference and the issues surrounding the role of business, inequality and adaptation. 

We also bring you the Gender & Development journal's thought provoking resilience issue and there are three new topics now available in our popular research guidelines collection.  Our recent blog posts and publications cover a range of key development issues, including but not limited to: ending gender based violence, innovation in sanitation and a guide to humanitarian campaigning. 

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Amy Moran and Catherine Meredith
Oxfam Policy & Practice 


Focus on climate change

As the much anticipated COP21 began Tracy Carty outlined the state of climate emergency the world is facing  and we published a briefing on the extent of global carbon inequality.

Ruth Mhlanga then explained why what's good for the environment is good for the economy,  and Katherine Trebeck asked: are some people consuming too much?

With the agreement now reached Daniel Morchain reflects back on another event held in parallel, The Global Landscapes Forum, and discusses the importance of having local level stakeholders involved in these global events. 


Gender & Development talks resilience

The latest issue aims to help development and humanitarian researchers, policymakers and practitioners explore resilience from a gender perspective.  The articles from the issue available are:


New guidelines for the intrepid researcher

Conducting high quality research is an essential aspect of programme design, evaluation and communication.

First launched three years ago, our Research Guidelines have proved to be very popular and we're pleased to announce that three new topics are available to help set you off on your research journey.  You can download individual guides below or visit our Research Overview page to read the whole series so far.


New blog posts

News, analysis and debate for development and humanitarian professionals


Why pleasure and sex matter in ending violence against women


In the national interest: poverty, security and aid for fragile states


Taking Oxfam’s evaluations to another level


From faeces to fuel: innovation in sanitation


Grand designs for low-cost latrines


Tackling violence against women: from Iraq to Tajikistan


Our favourite uses of technology for social good: The Nominet Trust shortlist


Delicious, disgusting, dangerous: how global eating habits are changing


Farming and food security: sharing learning from Colombia to Georgia


How the Behind the Brands campaign has driven change in corporate policy


Success is not just measured by GDP


Measuring poverty in the UK and why it matters


New publications 

New research reports, policy papers and programme learning



El Niño Key Messages: Urgent action now can prevent major suffering and loss

Made in Myanmar: Entrenched poverty or decent jobs for garment workers?

Implementing the Forest Rights Act: Lack of political will?

ECOWAP: A Fragmented Policy. Development partners and regional institutions should address leadership and coordination issues in order to build a common agricultural policy for West Africa

Getting to Good: Towards responsible corporate tax behaviour

A Different Route: Reimagining the idea of prosperity in Asia

Still Broken: Governments must do more to fix the international corporate tax system

Right to a Future: Empowering refugees from Syria and host governments to face a long-term crisis


Programme learning

A Rights in Crisis Guide to Influencing: The who, what and why of humanitarian campaigning


A Dangerous Divide: The state of inequality in Malawi

Impacts of Low Aggregate INDCs Ambition: Research commissioned by Oxfam

Understanding Bank De-Risking and its Effects on Financial Inclusion: An exploratory study

Delicious, Disgusting, Dangerous: Eating in a time of food price volatility