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Texas Winter Storm: Plumbers and Donations Needed!

Feb 24, 2021


When you think of Texas, you think of big sky, longhorns, and heat.  You never think of subzero windchills and prolonged periods of sub-freezing temperatures.  Unfortunately, that was the reality for many in this country just over a week ago.  As people tried to stay warm, the energy grid in Texas began to buckle.  Many were without power and water for several days.  As the power went out, the temperatures in homes went down, and people did all they could to stay warm.  We spoke with an older gentleman who shared that he and his family, along with 6 grandchildren, kept from freezing by huddling in their cars with the engines running.

Unfortunately for many here in Brookshire, TX, the bitter cold did more than create power outages.  Many of these homes were built years ago without the thought of sub-zero temperatures, so the water lines were no match for the sustained period of frigid weather.  Many have experienced flooding within their homes from broken pipes.

The greatest need right now is to repair damage done to plumbing systems so that water can be restored, other repairs made and hopefully…a return to some sort of normalcy.  Plumbers in the area are overwhelmed with the volume of calls— leaving many homeowners not knowing when things might improve.  Currently, Hope Force International is on site in Brookshire, networking with area ministries and churches, assessing damage, and beginning the recovery process.  Our team is doing the most they can for as many as they can — but we need help!  The community is welcoming our presence and can clearly see that it is an expression of God’s love and concern for them.

Given that the need is very specific — our appeal for volunteer assistance is specific as well:  we are looking for plumbers.   In addition to the need for plumbers is the need for plumbing supplies — which makes our costs higher than normal because of the nature of this disaster.

If you are plumber and able to respond immediately, please contact: deployment@hopeforce.org.

If you are not a plumber, but want to help in some way, please consider making a financial donation in support of the relief effort. Finally, please pray for the people impacted and for the Hope Force responders.