Missional Discipleship

Missional begins with recovering a missionary understanding of God whose very nature is mission. It will impact the way we live our lives as mission becomes our motivating principle. This change process is a lifelong process and requires us to learn more and put it into practice. We need to wrestle through the tough issues we face, our communities face and in the nations where we serve.

A founding purpose of Micah Network is to help facilitate space and platforms for this to happen. As we learn and are inspired and challenged by one another, as we participate in the various conversations, consultations, conferences, workshops, summits, as we listen to one another’s teaching and stories of change, as we study process of good practices with one another, as we talk together through e-mail / skype / phone and face to face – we are not only growing but we are also helping others to develop. This is missional discipleship.

A level of intentionality is also required – we need to take time to learn, take time to share our learning. We encourage you to utilise our network to do this more and more.

This month’s newsletter seeks to outline a variety of ways to develop in your missional understanding and practice. Enjoy and pass on to others.

Grace and peace

Sheryl Haw
International Director

Up and Coming Micah Events

Below is a list of our current calendar of events. For full details please refer to www.micahnetwork.org/events.

March 2014

24th to 26th March: Social Concern Workshop – Yangon, Myanmar

April 2014

4th to 6th April: Integral Mission and Church Conversation – Dhaka, Bangladesh

29th to 30th April: Social Justice Conversation – Kathmandu, Nepal

May 2014

19th to 23rd May: Community Transformation: hopes and challenges Conference – Germany (This is our Europe Regional Consultation in cooperation with CCD (Christian Community Development): NB: register now as early bird discount ends by 28th Februray.

June 2014

28th June to 1st July: Signs of Hope in the City Summit – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (This is our Asia Regional Consultation in Cooperation with ISUM (International Society for Urban Mission)

July 2014

10th to 12th July: Integral Mission and the Community Conversation – Cameroon

August 2014

21st August: Integral Mission and the Community Conversation - Rwanda

September 2014

8th to 12th September: Integral Mission and Freedom Consultation – Livingston, Zambia (This is our Africa Regional Consultation)

October 2014

19th to 25th October: WEA General Assembly 2014 – Seoul, South Korea – this has been postponed – see here for details.

November 2014

14th to 16th November: Hephzibah Women of Destiny Conference – Durban, South Africa (This conference is facilitated by Hephzibah Campaign and Monaana Ministries with participation from Micah Network)

17th to 21st November: Truth and Reconciliation Consultation – Rwanda (This is a special global consultation exploring the role of the church in the recovering and healing of nations post conflict)

Further Opportunities

Below is a calendar of events being held by members and associate organisations:

10th to 14th March: South East Asia Creation Care Conference – Manila, Philippines

17th to 21st March: Creation Care and the Gospel - Pampanga, Philippines)

3rd to 6th April: European Missiology Conference "Mission in the context of global inequalities" - Helsinki, Finland

19th to 29th May: COMCA Central America Missions Network - Nicaragua

22nd to 24th May: The Justice Conference - Hong Kong

2nd to 6th June: Lausanne Consultation on Global Theological Education - Sao Paulo, Brazil

8th to 27th July: International School of Reconciliation: healing hearts, changing nations - Rwanda

1st to 5th December: Creation Care and the Gospel Conference - Nairobi, Kenya

Basic Safety and Security Course: USA – facilitated by Centre for Safety and Development
6th to 8th March
29th to 31st May
18th to 20th September
6th to 8th November

Teaching & Presentations

Here are a collection of recorded teaching that is well worth listening to and sharing with you team and home group / church:

The Missionary Church as the Poor Church: January 2014 at Global Connections Conference
Speaker: Rosalee Velloso Ewell

What Can the Two-Thirds World Teach the West Theologically: June 2013 at Ridley Hall
Speaker: Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Standing Up Against Violence, Poverty and Injustice: September 2013 at Laidlaw College
Speaker: Ruth Padilla DeBorst

The Simple Way: January 2013 at ISUM Urban Summit in Thailand
Speaker: Shane Claiborne

Articles and Publications

WEA Publishes Findings of Survey on Stewardship, Generosity, Giving and Fund Mobilization

Tearfund UK publishes Footsteps 93: Mobilising Local Resources

Integral Alliance: read updates on responses (Philippines, Syria, CAR)

The Locust Affect: Book by Gary Haugen, International Justice Mission – released this March

Micah Network Membership

May we encourage you to send through your annual membership contribution. See here for guidelines and details of how to contribute: www.micahnetwork.org/contribute

Micah Network Mailing

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