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Educator Training Opportunities
from the DNA Learning Center

With a new summer on the horizon, the DNA Learning Center is excited to offer another great series of up-to-date teacher training workshops for genetics, biology, genomics, and bioinformatics faculty. These workshops cover diverse topics, including the Nobel Prize-winning phenomenon of RNA interference, plant biology, bioinformatics, and biotechnology. We also offer training for New York City teachers who would like to enrich their biology teaching with molecular biology experiments or lead students in an open-ended science contest using DNA barcoding to explore life in the "Big Apple."

With funding from the National Science Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, we offer these free workshops to high school and college educators. Please join us this summer as we help prepare you to better bring your students into the Genome Age!

For High School Teachers...

Urban Barcode ProjectNYC Urban Barcode Project Teacher Training

The Urban Barcode Project is a science competition for students in New York City. Find out how to lead your students as they use DNA sequence to explore biodiversity in NYC: attend a training session or come to an Urban Barcode Project open-lab this summer! Bring samples of foods, plants, or insects, do a DNA barcoding experiment, and find out how to join the Urban Barcode Project.


Harlem DNA LabNYC Teacher Professional Development at Harlem DNA Lab

Learn how to implement lab activities to complement the NYC Scope and Sequence, Life Science, Living Environment, and AP Biology curricula. Trainees get access to all the equipment and reagents to do these experiments for free! DNA barcoding training is also featured in select sessions.


For High School and College Educators...

Teacher WorkshopsGenomic Approaches in BioSciences

Preparing students for rewarding careers

Get experience using cutting-edge science tools - PCR, DNA sequencing, RNA interference, and bioinformatics - in hands-on laboratories and bioinformatics investigations, and deepen awareness of rewarding careers for your students.


DNA SubwayGenomics in Education Workshop

Dicscover how to lead students through high-level genome analysis with approachable online tools developed by the DNALC to find, annotate, and compare genes, and explore gene families, or compare genes.


C. elegansSilencing Genomes Workshop

Bring your students into the Genome Age with Nobel-winning experiments using RNA interference in the roundworm, C. elegans.