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Autism Awareness Training

Saturday 20 October saw Autism awareness training run in Melbourne for the Taekwondo community. Fiona and Prue from Amaze provided an insightful and educational afternoon on Autism Spectrum Disorder. The audience was captivated learning about the history and current research into Autism. It was clear that Autism was complex by nature but there were many ways we could support our students with Autism in the taekwondo setting.

Fiona’s expertise coupled with Prue's lived experience as a self-advocate provided the audience with such in-depth knowledge and real life experience. We had the added benefit of Prue being a 3rd Dan Black Belt and she was able to paint a picture of how taekwondo supports her in everyday life living with Autism.

All of the instructors in the room gained not only greater knowledge and understanding but walked away with tools to better support our students with Autism.

Fiona and Prue had a beautiful rapport and their presentation was full of insight, personal anecdotes and humour.

We feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to have AMAZE run the training and to Team Carlo for hosting.

Thank You Louise McCoach

Louise McCoach

The Board would like to acknowledge and thank departing Director Louise McCoach for her valuable services to Australian Taekwondo. Louise's term as director expired on 22 September 2018, and she vacated the position of Appointed Director having held the position since June 2015.

During her tenure Louise also chaired the Board’s Finance, Audit and Risk Management sub-committee, where with her expertise in banking law and specialist experience in business development, provided guidance overseeing Australian Taekwondo’s financial and budgeting processes and reporting.

Welcome Gillian Savage


The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Gillian (Gill) Savage as an Appointed Director.

Gill is a leader in strategy development and advice, governance and managing change. Her career spans over 30 years in the public and private sectors and includes senior executive service roles within government developing and implementing programs, and achieving major change outcomes.

Her extensive experience spans national security, border protection, defence and wider government environments driving digital transformation, managing secure information and communications technology infrastructure and implementing biometrics for border control.

Her perspective on topical matters including leadership, culture and values, and change management is highly valued, and she has extensive knowledge of applying social media to drive brand and generate business gained through various roles.

Gill enjoys keeping fit and outdoor pursuits and is a hiker, rock climber and in the past a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

New Sponsor - Australex


Australian Taekwondo welcomes new sponsor the Australex Group who in 2019 will sponsor our Para-Athletes. Australex specialises in high-end residential, commercial and industrial projects.

At the recent National Championships in Bendigo, Australex Director Mahmoud Mearbany presented a cheque for $11,000, which was gratefully accepted on behalf of Australian Taekwondo by two times World Para-Taekwondo Champion, Steven Currie. 

The sponsorship will go towards our para-athletes' 2019 campaign as they prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Pink Belt Scholarship - Giving the Gift of Empowerment


A Taekwondo blogger mum from WA and Australian Taekwondo have teamed up to deliver scholarships covering all expenses associated with one year of Taekwondo Training for women in need.

Kristy Hitchens, also known as The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger, came up with the idea to crowdfund for what she’s calling a Pink Belt Scholarship, but daunted by the potential scope of the project, approached Australian Taekwondo for support.

AT quickly agreed in light of its renewed focus on increasing participation in Taekwondo for everyone, regardless of age, income or ability.

And what started with Kristy’s goal to be able to provide one scholarship, has so far turned into being able to help change the lives of six women who would like to learn Taekwondo but could not otherwise afford to participate.

“I started Taekwondo about 18 months ago at age 40, which is kind of a late start,” Kristy said.
“But I was quickly overwhelmed by the profoundly positive impact the training had on me not just from a health and fitness point of view but from a whole-of-life perspective.
“Participating is expensive though.  There’s club fees, uniforms, seminars, equipment.
“That puts achieving these amazing life benefits through Taekwondo out of reach for many women.”

Kristy said she wanted to change that.

While no silver bullet, Kristy believed Taekwondo training could help women struggling with issues like domestic violence, body image, workplace bullying and self-esteem.
Australian Taekwondo Participation Manager Ben Exton said Kristy’s idea addressed an important cause and he was glad to be involved.

“Taekwondo has a great history of helping people,” said Ben.

“The recreational and traditional elements of Taekwondo provide such significant benefits that we need to keep promoting these to the wider community.”

The Taekwondo community across the country has mobilised in support of the cause.

Individuals, clubs, schools and businesses from anywhere in the world have been invited to contribute from as little as $5 to the scholarship fund which will be administered by Australian Taekwondo.

Some schools however have gone a step further by contributing financially to the fundraiser but also offering to provide a one year scholarship at their own schools.

Special recognition goes to:

  • Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy in Canberra
  • Fearless Martial Arts in Sydney
  • Irontiger Martial Arts in Sydney
  • Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
  • Nutrition for Taekwondo

Also contributors and advocates:

  • Mooto Australia & New Zealand
  • Daedo Australia
  • Carmen Marton
  • Kate McAdams

Once fundraising closes on Friday, November 30, Taekwondo clubs and schools operating in Australia will be invited to make an Application for a Pink Belt Scholarship on behalf of a potential student they would like to sponsor. Scholarships funds will be paid direct to the school where the beneficiary would like to train.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel to include the Mortal Mouse and members appointed by Australian Taekwondo.

Donations can be made to towards the Pink Belt Scholarship

Media Contacts:

  • Ben  Exton

           Participation Manager
           Australian Taekwondo

  • Kristy Hitchens

           The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger

2018 World Championships World Poomsae Team


Australian Taekwondo is pleased to announce the full list of 35 Athletes (8 Athletes in 2 divisions) and 5 Officials of the Australian Team to contest the World Poomsae Championships in Taiwan which will be held from 15~18 November 2018.

The event has drawn a large field of over 1,600 athletes and we wish them well in their endeavours on the world stage.

The Australian Team is led by:

  • Team Manager - Anita Tippet (WA)
  • Head Coach - Ross Hartnett (WA)
  • Female Coach - Yukyung (Amy) Song (Vic)
  • Male Coaches - Jiheon (Jason) An (Vic) and Stephen Boag (Tas)

World Poomsae Team List

Female  Cadets 12-14 Male  
Rhiannon Stilley (Halls – Vic) Individual Cameron Moyes (Halls – Vic)  
Rhiannon Stilley (Halls – Vic) Team

Andrew Callegari (Halls – Vic)

Alexis Poulis (Halls - Vic)   Daniel Hiron (Halls - Vic)  
Tanisha Schulz (Halls – Vic)   Shaquille Wakit (Halls - Vic)  
Tanisha Schulz (Halls – Vic) Mixed Shaquille Wakit (Halls – Vic)  
Sophee O'Dea (Flinn - Qld) Freestyle    
Female Juniors 15-17 Male  
Abigail Wong (V Team – Vic) Individual Harry Costelloe (Impact – ACT)  
Kiara Evans (Halls – Vic) Mixed Nicholas Price (Halls – Vic)  
Shannyn Bourke (Halls – Vic) Team Harry Costelloe (Impact – ACT)  
Julia Hiron (Halls – Vic)   Richard Kim (Kangs – NSW)  
Isabella Stein (Impact - ACT)   Nicholas Price (Halls – Vic)  
Female 18-30 Years Male  
Katarina Pavkovic (Impact - ACT) Indvidual Matthew Taylor (Flinn – Qld)  
  Freestyle Matthew Taylor (Flinn – Qld)  
Shahida Hill (Oh Do Kwan – WA) Team    
Thahira Hill (Oh Do Kwan – WA)      
Kasia Majewski (Oh Do Kwan – WA)      
Katarina Pavkovic (Impact - ACT) Mixed Kyle Knowles (Impact - ACT)  
Female 31-40 Years Male  
Eunice Lau (Oh Do Kwan – WA) Individual Carmelo Tarascio (Knox – Vic)  
Caroline Suhardjono (Koryo – Vic) Mixed Damien Hauser (Koryo – Vic)  
Kate Hogden (Lee’s – ACT) Team    
Leanne Steinman (BJ TKD – NSW)      
Annette Thompson (BJ TKD – NSW)      
Female 41-50 Years Male  
Annette Thompson (BJ TKD – NSW) Individual Dennis Park (Lee TKD – NSW)  
Female 51-60 Years Male  
Carmela Hartnett (Oh Do Kwan – WA) Individual Robert Pace (Pace – Vic)  
Female 61-65 Years Male  
Bronwyn Butterworth (MTC – Vic) Individual David Atkinson (Bendigo – Vic)  
Female 66-99 Years Male  
  Individual Barry Jordan (BJ TKD – NSW)  


Schools and Older Australian's Program

Schools Program

AT has completed filming on our National Schools Program Instructor Accreditation Course. The course is being developed with the end goal of instructor accreditation under the Federal Sporting Schools Program to provide instructors with more access to schools and funding opportunities.

Please note that we realise many instructors are curently running successful schools programs. The AT program is structured to be flexible enough for experienced instructors and a guide for those new to the school setting. 

Once the online course is finished we will call for interested instructors to Beta test it.

Older Australians Program (over 65's)

AT is also developing a seniors program building on Fay Shacklock's successful Ninja Nannies Program. Sport Australia has a new focus on providing physical activity options for this demographic, with modified Taekwondo well suited to improving falls risk, strength, flexibilty and coordination.

Online accreditation and some face to face seminars will be implemented here for instructors.

Any questions please email

World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final


World Taekwondo (WT) has announced the final list of athletes eligible to contest the final of the 2018 Grand Prix Series.

The WT has selected the top 15 athletes in each weight category  according to their WT Olympic ranking as at November 2018, and we are pleased to announce that with a ranking of 11th, Australia's Safwan Khalil has been selected to contest the Male under 58kg weight category.

The Grand Prix Finals will be held in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates  between 24~25 November 2018, and we wish Safwan all the best as he competes against the world's best 14 other athletes.

Recent Results (quarter finals and higher)

Kimunyong Cup International open Taekwondo Championships - Seoul, South Korea 

Hasibe Odemis 5th Place 49kg Senior Black Belt Female. Australian TKD & Fitness Academy

Shinaz Al Seblani 2nd Place 55kg Cadet Black Belt Female. Australian TKD & Fitness Academy

WT Pan American Presidents Cup Las Vegas Results

Some good results from the in the Pan American President's Cup with Tayla Verdino finishing 5th in Cadet Pair Poomsae with Michael Mora (USA) and Bronze medal in Team Cadet Poomsae with Ariana Amiri  and Ria Aggarwal  (USA). Great work!

Romanian Open Results

Five members of Edge Taekwondo competed over two days at the Romanian Open with great success.

Lachlan Murray lost in the quarter finals 13:10 male senior under 80kg.

Katinka Penketh won gold in the Cadet female under 46kg.

David Gibson won gold in the junior male under 45kg.

Rebecca Murray won silver in the junior female under 63 kgs.

Savannah Askew won bronze in the junior female under 59kg.

Coach Neil Cowperthwaite was selected as coach of the tournament. Well done to all involved on some great results.

Croatia Open Results

Australian Taekwondo delivered some electrifying performances at Croatian Open last weekend, winning 2 GOLD, 2 SILVER & 1 BRONZE medals.   With 43 countries and approximately 1000 athletes present Australian athletes displayed strong representations throughout, with some near miss golden round performances that could have gone either way.  Overall, first leg of Europe Tour is complete and Australia were certainly noticed, but more importantly there were strong fighting performances with scope to improve and build on, leading into next weekend's Paris Open G2 event. Congratulations to all Aussie athletes and coaches on outstanding efforts and results we can all be proud of. GOOD LUCK at next stop... PARIS OPEN!

Gold Damon Cavey - Snr Male -63kg from Whiteways Taekwondo
Gold Anastasia Typou - Jnr Female -59kg from Halls Taekwondo

Silver Carmen Marton - Snr Female -62kg from Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Silver Savannah Askew - Jnr Female -59kg from Edge Taekwondo
Bronze Kate McAdam - Snr Female -73kg from Iron Tiger

R/4 Thomas Auguer - Snr Male -63kg from Global Martial Arts
R/4 Ruth Hock - Snr Female -67kg from Adelaide Taekwondo
R/4 Reba Stewart - Snr Female +73kg from Hall's Tkd Taekwondo
R/4 Arash Mozhdeh - Snr Male +87kg From Mozhdeh Martial Arts
R/8 Tayla Note - Snr Female -62kg from City West Taekwondo
R/8 Tom Afonczenko - Snr Male -68kg Notorious Martial Arts
R/8 Adrian Abela - Snr Male -54kg from City West Taekwondo
R/8 Rebecca Murray - Jnr Female -63kg from Edge Taekwondo


Posting of Results

Please note to have Australian Taekwondo post results from events, email them with a short story line and photographs to As a policy we will only post results reaching quarter finals and above.



International Competitions Return To Australia

Following an absence of some five years, international competitions return to home soil next year after some very fruitful discussions with World Taekwondo Oceania. In June 2019 the Gold Coast will be hosting the following: 

  • 27 June - 2019 Oceania President's Cup (G2)
  • 28 June - 2019 Australian Open Poomsae Championships
  • 29 June - 2019 Australian Open Sparring Championships (G2)

We are also finalising discussions to preceed the President's Cup with International Referee seminars for both Poomase and Kyorugi.

Furthermore, Australian Taekwondo also intends to bid to host the Oceania Olympics Qualifications, which if successful will the the first time that they have been held in Australia. 

Olympic Nominations Criteria


The Australian Olympic Committee has approved the Taekwondo Olympic Nomination Criteria for the 2020 Olympic Games.

The document sets out the process and criteria by which Australian Taekwondo will nominate athletes to the AOC for inclusion to the Australian Olympic Team.

The document can be downloaded from HERE

Run Out of Old Australian Taekwondo Kit


With adidas changing its line item of team clothing, we have been unable to source similar gear for our current and future teams. So we have had to come up with new designs, which have been designed by a male and female athlete, one each from poomsae and sparring.

However, we have been left with stock of odd sizes of clothing which we have been unable to use for our teams as we have insufficient stock to cater for our teams. We are therefore clearing the old stock out at a reduced price.

If you wish to purchase items click HERE to see what is available.

Major Sponsors