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Attention Hope Force Reservists, Volunteers, Prayer and Financial Partners:

We are entering into what has historically been the busiest time of the hurricane season: August & September.  Hope Force International’s capacity to respond has increased significantly throughout our 20 years of ministry operations. Nonetheless, on occasion, we have found ourselves in a situation where we have served multiple disaster survivors, and yet had to cease operations due to the lack of manpower — with many more still needing help.  This is heartbreaking for us...which is why we are sending this SOS!

With your help, we believe the great need for disaster responders can be overcome.

To Hope Force Reservists who have never deployed to the disaster scene  please prayerfully consider joining us in the field!  We guarantee your experience will be a life-changing encounter with God and the people you serve. Like the rest of us, we know that this is why you took the time to participate in our training: to be prepared to respond to the needs of disaster survivors. To our Reservists who have responded recently and to those who might have responded years ago – please take steps to join us again...you have so much to offer! 

To those of you who have volunteered with Hope Force in the past — please join us again and consider completing the online training course...expanding your opportunities to serve at home and abroad.

To those who pray and/or give, please continue this vital ministry...but don’t rule out the possibility of joining us in the field.  YOU ALL ARE NEEDED!

Also, would you please consider how to influence family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to join with you?

Dr. Henry and Catherine DePhillips:


Jennifer Russell:


The Hope Force  online training course was created to make training available to everyone — no matter where they  live or their schedule.  Our online training provides the valuable insights, principles and fundamentals necessary to become an effective responder. Upon successful completion of the course, and with a clear background check, you will become a certified Hope Force Reservist — eligible for deployment in the immediate aftermath of a disaster event. The entire course consists of approximately 9.5 hours of interactive content, videos, and teaching filmed exclusively for Hope Force.

Come join our Hope Force family of responders and make a world of difference!