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The All-Seeing Eye - Technology Edition

Immersion and virtual reality are at the forefront of media and technology today, as real-world applications emerge across industries from entertainment and education to medicine and manufacturing. Our founders were around for the first round of VR buzz back in the 90’s, and we have a lot to offer the resurgence.

We created immersive technologies that power solutions across the industry, and we’re continuing to innovate — in partnership with integrators, in custom integration projects, and in our growing line of turnkey systems. We support a network of educators using GeoDomes and video globes for STEM education, and we offer a full complement of solutions based on Omnimap geometry correction software. A few examples:



"As part of the Magnopus production pipeline, the GeoDome Panorama with a 4m screen, 500 Series lens, and 2.5k Barco projector has been an integral part of our workflow. The GeoDome Panorama enables Magnopus to create immersive experiences for our wide range of clientele, and is the perfect environment for group virtual reality reviews during our creative process." - Ben Grossmann, Magnopus Co-founder

Bertec Corporation


Bertec Corporation has released a series of products leveraging Immersive Visual Stimulus Surrounds for the Research and Clinical Rehabilitation markets. Bertec's immersive environments use an OmniFocus 200 Series projector, a panoramic screen, and a suite of VR software they created using our Omnity plugin for Unity. This series includes Bertec's Balance Advantage - an immersive VR environment used in diagnostic research.

Interactive Water Wall at Children's Pain Clinic

Interactive Water Wall at Children's Pain Clinic 

Movement drives natural imagery with a Kinect-based interface and an OmniFocus projection system within the "Grotto" at Children's Pain, Palliative and Integrative Medicine Clinic in Minneapolis. Using content developed in Unity3D, enabled for immersive projection with Omnity, this unique projection wall creates a sensory escape for patients as they use the Kinect to manipulate a virtual flow of ripples and currents in water.


AV Network Profile: Science Panorama

The Science Panorama brings immersive Earth and space science to the Nature Research Center in Raleigh, NC. We designed and deployed the Panorama, an immersive theater with a 23’ semi-permanent panorama and an OmniFocus 30530 projection system. A kiosk with a custom user interface launches WorldViewer content focused on natural processes from the global to the local. Read the article here.