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February 2014

Future luxury in Copenhagen, Gent, Oslo, and Stavanger

Members' report 1/2014

This Friday 7 February the Institute's Members' Report 1/2014: Future Luxury will be released. We communicate the results and discuss the conclusions with the Institute’s members in a series of events.

The first event will take place in Stavanger 12 February, followed by Oslo 13 February, Gent 4 March, and finally Copenhagen 11 March.

The report reflects on the drivers and values that lie behind the continued evolution of the concept of luxury and offers five different visions of what will define future luxury.


Read more about the report and register for the events here

Get a sneak peek from the report

For more information, please contact Henrik Persson, hep@cifs.dk


When Facebook was an LSD pipedream

SCENARIO magazine

In order to understand the innermost core, ambience and culture of social media – and to understand the modern consumer – we need to journey back to American counterculture’s wild LSD parties.

We zoom in on Stewart Brand – the guy who got th digital revolution started and during an acid trip got the idea for the world’s first social medium: the Whole Earth Catalog.

Read an appetiser from the article in SCENARIO 01:2014




Tailormade workshops and more

workshop facilitators

Our workshop facilitators can tell you more about what we do or how a workshop in your company could be made.

We have designed and run educational programmes, seminars, workshops, and processes for a wide range of customers. Our customers are as different as the products we have developed for them. Course design and operation are always tailored to the specific company or organisation and to the specific purpose, and dialogue and interaction are central.

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