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New version of Circuit Tools

We have just released a new version of our very popular driver analysis software - Circuit Tools. Circuit Tools v2.0 benefits from the following features:


The main improvement has been in speed. Selecting laps and channels is now twice as fast.

File handling

Many improvements have been made to make transferring, loading and selecting of files much quicker and easier:

  • File Transfer Wizard – By pressing F2 you can now transfer all your files into automatically named and organised folders.

  • Video preview – A video thumbnail allows you to quickly locate and rename the correct file.

  • Multiple files – You can now select and load multiple files simultaneously.
Video playback

The video engine has been revamped to allow a range of slow motion and fast forward functions. Up to six videos can now also be played at the same time to allow you to compare a range of track data.


A lot of changes have been made to make the software easier to operate. For example, by pressing the stop button twice you can now replay the file from the last stop position, or by pressing it three times jump to the beginning of the section displayed in the graph.

Manual and Quick Start Guide video

We have redone the Manual and Quick Start Guide video to provide you with the information you need to get the most out of the software. They give you real tips and are well worth checking out.

A full list of the new features can be seen here >


Introducing VBOX Sport

After 18 months of development we are delighted to announce the release of VBOX Sport.

VBOX Sport will be available to order from the Racelogic Online Store week commencing 18th March 2013.

VBOX Sport has been designed as a self-contained, waterproof, 20Hz GPS data logger to accurately measure vehicle performance or lap times. It can be used as a stand-alone logger, or connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth to allow you to see your results in real-time using our free apps.

The unit is very lightweight and rugged so can be stored securely in any car. It also comes with the option of attaching an external antenna, which makes it suitable for motorbikes, bicycles and backpacks.

The battery life is at least 6 hours and detailed lap-by-lap comparisons can then be made using Circuit Tools.

Click here for more information on VBOX Sport >


VBOX Motorsport Website

We have launched a new website – - which contains all the information and support for Video VBOX, PerformanceBox, DriftBox, and the new VBOX Sport.


Competition winners

During the recent Autosport and Race Retro exhibitions we ran a competition to win a Video VBOX Lite and OLED Predictive Lap Timing Display.

The Autosport winner is Hugh Colman, who with his son Mark races his fantastic 1969 Chevron B8 in the in HSCC Guards Trophy and World Sportscar Masters.

The Race Retro winner is Sian Stafford Atkinson, who races in the 750 Motor Club Locost and BMW Compact Cup series. Sian said “I'm still buzzing about winning this, I can't thank you enough! Following a demonstration of the Video VBOX, it had been on my wish list for some time. I will certainly put it to good use and I'm sure it will improve my lap times in this coming season.”

Congratulations to both winners – we will be following their progress through the season.


Video of the Month

The new racing season is nearly upon us, so it’s time to start sending in your best Video VBOX footage! We got some great clips last year, and the winner of each month’s competition gets £150 to spend in our online store.

The video needs to be something out of the ordinary: although most Video VBOXs are used on the racetrack we also welcome any other kind of action, from snowboarding to jetskiing. Send your entries to us via our Wetransfer channel:


Racelogic celebrate 20 years of innovation

We have just celebrated a special point in the history of Racelogic. Twenty years have passed since the company was founded and, thanks to a lot of hard work, we have seen many successes during this time. To celebrate, we booked in a day’s fun with the Caterham Drive Experience.

The course started at 10am and began with instructors from Caterham showing us what can be achieved. They then gave us a quick tutorial on how to do it ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us either didn’t pay enough attention in the lesson or were just useless to begin with (probably the latter!) and ended up either spinning wildly or baby-footing it around the cone marked track.

We had a great day and it certainly gave us a lot to talk about at dinner. Here’s to another 20 years of success.

Some of us were better at it than others. Here is a compilation of our competition finalists, Darran Shepherd and John Holman.

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