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New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals is a brand name used by the Energy and Resource Markets branch of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). MBIE administers the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (and its predecessors) on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

Happy New Year

A very happy New Year to our readers. We look forward to working with you all in 2020. This issue contains a lot of updates and reminders about the upcoming annual summary report requirement for permit holders.

In this issue:

  • Regulatory wrap-up
    • Annual summary reports due 31 March
    • Are your contact details correct?
    • Compliance team activities in 2019
  • Our systems
    • Upgrade to the online permitting system 14-17 February
    • Give us your feedback
  • Review of the Crown Minerals Act 1991
  • Aeromagnetic survey of Queenstown area
  • Have your say.

Regulatory wrap-up

Coming up – Annual summary reports due 31 March

If you are a permit holder you must submit your annual summary report for the 2019 calendar year for each permit you hold by 31 March 2020. Even if no work was carried out on your permit during 2019, you still need to file a return.

An annual summary report gives us information about how the permit is being used and helps show whether you are complying with your work programme. These reports also give us valuable information about New Zealand’s mineral and petroleum resources.

We encourage you to use our online permitting system to submit your annual summary returns. It is set up to ask for the information required to meet your legal obligations. Next year we will require all permit holders to complete their annual summary reports online.

We also have a range of guidance to help make it easier for you to know what you must do to comply:

See our website for more information. If you have feedback on our online permitting system or guides, need help or have questions please email us or give us a call on: 0508 263 782 (in NZ) or +64 3 962 6179 (from overseas).

Are your contact details correct?

We send you reminders and information to help you comply with the conditions on your permit. If your contact details aren’t correct – you’re probably not receiving this information. Now is a good time to check that your contact details are up to date.

If you want to change the application contact, permit administrator or fee administrator, you will need to update this information using the online permitting system (OPS) account management tab or complete an APP 11 application form.

Check that your details are correct now to help you comply with the conditions of your permit.

Compliance team activities in 2019

Our compliance team were busy in 2019 and want to remind permit holders of their obligations under their permits, particularly in the lead up to the annual summary report deadline.

A permit under the Crown Minerals Act 1991 requires you to do certain things in return for the right to prospect for, explore for, or mine Crown-owned petroleum and minerals. These obligations include:

If you don’t comply with your obligations you could risk being prosecuted or having your permit revoked.

Our compliance team are here to help make sure you are complying with your obligations as a permit holder. In 2019 they visited 108 sites, carried out four compliance roadshows and sent 74 education packs to permit holders.

Along with these education activities, three permits were revoked, 13 intention to revoke notices were issued, four fraud charges were laid and one diversion was carried out.

Our systems

Upgrade to the online permitting system 14-17 February

Our online permitting system (OPS) is being upgraded during the weekend of 14 February. The upgrades will result in some minor changes to the look and feel of the OPS. More improvements are planned for later in the year.

To allow this upgrade to occur, you will not be able to access the OPS from 5pm 14 February to 6am 17 February.

Give us your feedback

Are you having trouble with our online permitting system or our website? We have an ongoing programme of work making improvements to our systems - but we can’t fix issues we don’t know about. If there are things you’d like us to look into please email us at

Review of the Crown Minerals Act 1991

We’d like to thank everybody who took the time to provide their feedback on the Crown Minerals Act Review Discussion Document.  Public consultation on the discussion document has now closed and we have started to analyse the submissions. A report will be written summarising the submissions and will be publicly released on the MBIE website in the coming months.

Aeromagnetic survey of Queenstown area

An airborne survey of the area around Queenstown has resumed using a specially-adapted helicopter flying at low altitude to gather data.

The helicopter being used to carry out the survey needs to fly at around 35 metres to allow it measure magnetic fields and natural radiation to produce high quality geological data.

The helicopter will be equipped with a protruding boom which houses the survey instruments and that makes it easy to identify.

The survey is government funded and is being carried out by specialists Thomson Aviation. The data will help add to the knowledge of the type of mineral deposits that exist in the region but will also provide information on faults, groundwater aquifers and soils and be released publically.

The survey area stretches from near Glenorchy across to Cardrona in the north and from Mount Lookup across to Devils Staircase in the south.

More information is available and can be found on our factsheet [PDF 426KB]

Have your say

Accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency discussion document – submissions due by 5pm 28 February

Submissions are invited on the discussion paper Accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency. This paper focuses on two major work streams:

  • encouraging energy efficiency and the uptake of renewable fuels in industry, and
  • accelerating renewable electricity generation and infrastructure.

While this discussion paper does not target fossil fuel production, it does have some implications for users.

Submissions are due by 5 pm 28 February and full details of how to make your submission can be found on the MBIE website