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The Art of Hosting Advanced Practice Course

Have you participated in a three day Art of Hosting training (or equivalent)? Have you come away inspired by the practice and eager to apply it in your context? Do you want to develop your hosting practice further and are looking for support and inspiration along the way?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then this leadership program is for you.

For more information and registration go to www.aoh-ap.com

Course Overview

This is a four month online practice incubator, a step-by step process designed to be a fertile ground for your development as a host and the hosting projects you want to develop.

Some highlights:

  • Learn from inspiring projects and stories from around the world by some of the most seasoned Art of Hosting stewards: Bob Stilger, Chris Corrigan, Maaianne Knuth, Rowan Simonsen, Maria Scordialos, Tatiana Glad, Simone Poutnik, Tim Merry, Hendrik Tiesinga and Toke Moeller
  • Dive deeper into the applications of U-theory, the eight breaths of process design architecture and other fundamental hosting frameworks
  • Benefit from peer learning circles where you have an accountability structure, can bring the challenges, questions, and reflections from your hosting process, harvest feedback, and implement the refinements and insights into your work on the ground

In short, the AoH Advanced Practice Course will accelerate your hosting practice and transformative impact in the world.

Be an early bird, sign up by January 31st and benefit from our 20% early bird discount.


Sign-up here: www.aoh-ap.com/register

Your referral code is the first and last name, plus email of the person who sent this to you. Please use it when signing up.



Your AoH-AP Core Team
Simone Poutnik, Rowan Simonsen and Hendrik Tiesinga