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Why You Can’t Sell More

Do you believe that, in part at least, you create what you believe? I am pretty sure your Mother read you the story, The Little Engine That Could. It’s on YouTube if you’d like a refresher on how attitude can create success.

The emotional challenge of being a career sales person is perhaps the reason so few choose sales and fewer still stay in it. The thrill of the sale is quickly forgotten when the “no’s” start happening. After a few in a row it’s common for someone to start looking for excuses.

Keeping a positive, confident attitude is essential to sustained sales success. Here are the most common negative, success-killing, comments I hear from sales people who are in a slump:

1. The competition is cheaper for the same thing.
2. Customers aren’t buying right now.
3. I’m not getting good leads.
4. My goals aren’t realistic.
5. Customers want another brand of equipment.
6. I don't need to follow a sales process.
7. I don’t need to practice my presentation.

Each of these says that you are not accepting accountability for your results. There is something you can do about each of these attitudes and those who do determine their own success.

Want to start by creating a sales process that will separate you from all others? Check this out:

Setting Sales Goals Video

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Do you have someone who could become a terrific sales person but lacks any HVAC experience?

Are you an owner who has always done the selling and are reluctant to turn that over to anyone else?

Are you a sales person who easily connects with customers but struggles with product application and design details?

Are your installers continuously frustrated with inadequate or incorrect takeoff information from your sales person?

Let’s face it. Selling replacement HVAC systems takes some basic skills and tools to do it correctly and efficiently. And the cost of training someone on-the-job is enormous when you consider jobs that are lost or have to be corrected due to simple mistakes. This costs your company a lot of money.

There is a better way. I have asked the product pros at the HVAC Business and Technical Institute (HBTI) in Kent, WA to create a product and system design curriculum that would address the needs of the NEW Comfort Advisor. This four-week training program, with six live online coaching sessions and two days of hands-on lab training, will cover all of the basic training the professional comfort advisor needs.

This training runs concurrently with my proven Sales Coach for In-Home Sales Professionals training program. The end result is that in four weeks the new or inexperienced individual will have best-in-class training and coaching that will give them the tools and skills needed to sell $1M or more in their first year.

For more information download our JUMP START! Training for NEW Comfort Advisors packet.

To register call Tom at 425-985-4534.

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