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The Proposal Determines the Sale

I’m doing a lot of ride-along coaching with some well-trained and experienced sales pros. The calls typically go well: showing up on time, good appearance, nice meet and greet, asking questions (hmmm…sometimes not using the written survey though…), taking measurements and then asking to sit at the kitchen table to prepare some choices for the customers to consider.

As a rule, creating the proposal is a hurried exercise and less professional than it should be. Very often, the salesman gets “cold feet” and shows only what he feels he can sell, or he doesn’t want to take the time to put together a detailed proposal.

Owners, what would it mean to you and your business if you could know for sure that your sales pro is offering the top-of-the line products 100% of the time and at least letting your valued customers know what is available? You know the answer, you would sell more jobs, at higher prices, at better margins and you would have happier customers. How can you get this done?

In order for you to insure this happens you must have some control over the proposal process and result.

  • An easy first step is to create pre-printed and pre-priced packages. Some companies do this and it works.
  • A similar idea is to create pre-printed packages without pricing and the salesman can use a “retail price book” to just add up and total the investment amount, including financing choices, at the kitchen table.
  • The ultimate solution is to have either software or cloudware that is accessed at the kitchen table that includes “defaults” to the proposal choices you want the salesman to show. These are automatically priced, financing, included, professional looking and without doubt make the most professional presentation and impression.

I’ll gladly send you some proven proposal templates to use. Just email me at If the cloudware choice is something you’d like to consider see Mark’s article below for a special offer.

These days it’s harder than ever to make a one-call-close. You will maximize your results with a professional proposal. Make a commitment to create a compelling, professional proposal today.

Good Selling!

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Work in the Cloud: $99 for 99 Days

By Mark Sims

If you are ready to learn how using cloudware can change everything about how you operate your business, including creating professional proposals at the kitchen table in just minutes, here’s an offer that you can’t say no to:

For $99 per user, we will set you up to use these features in TRUST PRO® online for 99 days:

  • 400 System Selling Templates. All you have to do is type in the equipment manufacturer’s name and cost.
  • Customize the proposal worksheets with your company name and logo.
  • A price book template so you can upload your product information and product cost for a more automated proposal generation process at the kitchen table - or just type it in manually with each proposal.
  • Print a three-choice proposal worksheet at the kitchen table.
  • Convert any of the systems to a single proposal and/or contract.
  • Schedule and manage all sales leads.
  • Before the call, print customized call forms including survey questions, materials list, take-off information and more.
  • Create and manage the Job from the sold proposal, including installation scheduling and more.
  • All entered data securely stored for you for access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Convert to our full capacity TRUST PRO® online system at anytime.

Plus this offer includes free online training during our daily one-hour webinar sessions.

Interested? Contact Mark at now and get started today.

Mark Sims is President of Chameleon Management Solutions, Inc. and is the creator of TRUST PRO® online, the only fully functioning online HVAC contracting business management software.

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