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Auction of sound broadcasting licences announced

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams recently announced that available AM and FM licences for sound broadcasting will be auctioned later this year.

The auction will include commercial licences, both unallocated and those currently allocated temporarily. It will also include a number of licences that were reserved for non-commercial use but are no longer needed for the purposes they were reserved for. All licences will be auctioned as commercial licences with tenure up to 2031.

Work is currently underway to determine the auction details, including the exact content, reserve prices and auction process. A provisional list of licences to be auctioned is available on the Radio Spectrum Management website. This list was updated on 30 June and contains additional licences to the list that was originally posted. It is not final and may be subtracted from and/or added to as the auction content is finalised.

Full auction details will be released in due course.

Read the full announcement by Minister Amy Adams

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700 MHz auction completed

On 19 June, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology announced the completion of the 700 MHz “digital dividend” radio spectrum auction.  The completion of the auction is the culmination of many years work for RSM, including making the 700 MHz band available through the digital switchover process.  The allocation of the 700 MHz band for fourth generation “4G” cellular services is an essential step to provide better connectivity to New Zealanders and meet the growing consumer demand for cellular data. 

Read the full announcement by Minister Adams.

View the auction results on our website.

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Managed spectrum park applications received

Applications have been received for access to radio spectrum in the 2.5 GHz managed spectrum park band.  Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Since November 2010, parties interested in utilising this spectrum have been able to apply for access on a first-come, first-served basis, but with sharing processes required to be gone through by applicants.

Applications have been received by the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager from:

  • Korderas Ltd for licences with coverage in the Wellington City Council TLA area.

Read more information relating to these applications in Notice 30 on the managed spectrum park section of our website.

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