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June 2022 Newsletter
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Investing in Community Safety

A police foundation is a partnership between a community’s police department and citizens who wish to assist the police in accomplishing their complex and multi-faceted mission.

The mission of a Police Foundation is to support a police department directly with resources to augment its services to the public. Across the country, police foundations such as we have in Juno Beach, have funded a wide range of vital purchases and innovative programs, including

  • acquiring essential equipment such as bullet resistant vests, computers, drones, and digital cameras
  • contributing to the ongoing education and in-service training of police officers and supervisors
  • helping to maintain officer health, from in-house gyms to funding local training programs
  • sponsoring citizen awareness, safety, and lifesaving programs
  • investing in operational reforms that contribute to the decline of crime in the community.

Because police departments and employees cannot solicit or accept funds or favors from private individuals or organizations without compromising their impartiality, police foundations play a key role in seeking funds for police programs and projects. Read more...

Coffee With A Cop

Chief Smith and his Officers are once again looking forward to their next gathering with Town residents!

The June event will be held on the Town Center patio starting at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, June 1st.

Homeowners and residents are all invited to attend and learn more about their Juno Beach Police Department, the Juno Beach Police Foundation, and how they can help protect themselves from criminal activity.

Coffee and donuts are provided each month compliments of the Dunkin' Donuts shop on Donald Ross Road

Officers to get additional Defensive Tactics Training

It's critical that our Juno Beach Police Officers have the ability to adequately defend themselves in situations where such action is required

Responding to a Grant Request from Chief Smith, the Police Foundation has agreed to fund additional external Self Defense Tactics training for two Police Officers. These Officers will then provide training for the other Officers of the Juno Beach Police Department.

There are many facets to this upcoming training including fitness, strength and agility, balance and flexibility, stress reduction and the use of minimum required force. The two Officers selected to attend this intensive training are looking forward to not only improving their own skills, but to ensuring that all their colleagues are also well trained.

The Police Foundation was quick to fund this $3,000 Grant Request as part of our commitment to providing the agency with the Equipment, Training and Technology they need to keep Juno Beach safe.

The Police Foundation - working to help increase the Quality of Life in Juno Beach .

Rob and Steve Thomson Receive
Keys to the Town of Juno Beach

The Town of Juno Beach recently saw a major upgrade to the gym used by Police Officers and Town employees.

The old gym was dated, lacking new equipment, and not appealing or functional for our Officers and employees to stay fit in order to serve the community.

That's when Rob Thomson owner of Waterfront Properties and his brother Steve, President of Steve Thomson Homes became involved. Huge supporters of Law Enforcement, they saw the condition of the existing gym and offered to install all new state of the art training equipment and special flooring to create a modern, up to date facility for the Juno Beach Police Department. They contracted for the materials and equipment and picked up the more than $30,000. bill

In appreciation of their contribution to the Town of Juno Beach, Chief of Police Brian Smith along with Mayor DD Halpern presented Rob and Steve with keys to the Town at the May 2022 Town Council Meeting. Congratulation Rob and Steve, and THANK YOU!

The Police Foundation funded a few additional upgrades to the facility designed to encourage our Officers to frequent the facility, utilize the terrific new equipment more often, and to further improve their tactical skills.

Police Foundation Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign of the Juno Beach Police Foundation began in December 2021 and continues well into 2022.

Incorporated in 2018, the Police Foundation has, with the support of the community, purchased numerous important items for the Juno Beach Police Department to help improve both their efficiency and community safety.

Grants from the Foundation to the Juno Beach Police Department well exceed $250,000.

With your support and that of the overall Juno Beach community the Juno Beach Police Foundation will continue in its efforts to "Help Ensure the Safety of Juno Beach."

Upcoming Events:

Date Time Event
June 1 9:30 AM Coffee with a Cop at the Town Center


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