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Keeping you up to date on the Stavely Ground Release Tender

October 2018

Six companies have progressed to the licensing stage for minerals exploration in the Stavely Arc

Following assessment of tenders by an independent panel of experts, six companies have successfully progressed through the tender process for 6 of the 11 blocks offered.

Maps, a brief summary of each company, proposed exploration program and contact person for queries can be found on our website.

Successful tenderers do not have the right to explore yet. A minerals exploration licence is required before any exploration activity can commence. Exploration for coal and for gas will not be permitted under these licences.

The applications for a minerals licence from the successful tenderers will now be considered through the licensing process. This process also provides an opportunity for community members to have their say.

If minerals exploration licences are granted, minerals exploration activity could start from around March 2019.

Minerals Exploration - safeguards for special places and things

Minerals exploration consists mostly of low impact activities, such as surveying, testing and mapping which are designed to understand the local geology. These activities generally have no or low impact and help to narrow the scope of where more intensive field work might occur.

Any exploration activity considered not to be low impact, such as some targeted drilling, requires a higher level of regulatory oversight, including the requirement for a work plan that must be approved by Earth Resources Regulation.  Work plans must identify potential impacts and mitigate these through appropriate activity to safeguard the environment, cultural and other aspects as required under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act.

Dedicated legislation provides specific safeguards for a broad range of matters and features important to local communities, such as the environment, Indigenous heritage, water, land, wildlife, Native Title, flora and fauna, biodiversity and water catchment. In addition to their work plans, minerals exploration companies are required to gain consents from relevant agencies so that the safeguards provided under these laws are met.

Snapshot: What is the next stage of the process?

Companies have 14 days to advertise their licence application, following formal notification of their successful tender by the department.

Advertisements will appear in local newspapers and a state-wide publication. Advertisements are expected to appear early to mid November 2018.

The newspaper advertisements mark the commencement of the objection period which is open for 21 days. Details of how to make a submission will be available here, when the objection period opens.

Opportunities to speak with us

We understand that local communities want to be more informed and have an opportunity to express their views on the benefits, risks and safeguards for minerals exploration and, in the much longer term, potential mining.

Our approach is to keep communities better informed about exploration, the licensing process and the robust regulatory environment which safeguards flora, fauna, waterways, aquifers, cultural and indigenous heritage features. Our commitment is to continue to keep you up to date via this newsletter, the website and in small group and one on one meetings locally.

If you're interested in meeting with us please register your interest by emailing and provide your name, phone number, email and postcode.


More information

More information on the Stavely Ground Release, minerals exploration, and regulatory safeguards can be found on our website. Or contact Annie Farrow at or on M: 0418 293 419 or T: 03 8392 9028


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