Thursday October 29, 2015

Our Daily Bread calls Avanti Slingshot a “Game Changer”

Our Daily Bread Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit, global ministry with staff and volunteers in over 35 offices working together to distribute more than 60 million resources in 150 countries. Their US headquarters is located in Cascade Township, on the southeast side of metro Grand Rapids and is home to almost 300 full time staff and 100 volunteers. Regardless of whether it’s a radio or television broadcast, DVD, podcast, book, mobile app, or website, Our Daily Bread Ministries provide materials to help people grow in their relationship with God.

The Challenge

A bulk of Our Daily Bread Ministries’ production costs support a direct mail workflow. Our Daily Bread Ministries’ main objective was to capture the scheduling and cost performance of all their mailings. They had access to information coming from a variety of departments, disparate islands of automation, and “spreadsheets all over the place”, as Ron Underwood, Supply Chain Team Lead for Our Daily Bread Ministries, puts it. “We had postage stats in a spreadsheet over here, our third-party inserter had its own measurement over there, but there was no holistic view in terms of management.” 

The Solution

Our Daily Bread Ministries looked at several Print MIS vendors. The ministry had history with Avanti; they have been an Avanti Classic client since 2006. They liked Avanti Slingshot's user interface for its simplicity and organization, and the fact that Avanti Slingshot is browser-based was particularly appealing. Additionally, the upgrade path to Avanti Slingshot was attractive from a cost standpoint. “Other systems were either far behind Avanti or over-engineered”, proclaimed Underwood. “We could have spent far more on other MIS solutions, yet not received the benefits and personal attention that we get from Avanti.”

The Impact

The Ministry now has real-time access to ALL costs, from setup to fulfillment, and visibility into where they align to each specific mailing. This enables them to set goals for improvement, flexibility, and efficiency both in scheduling and costs. With the ability to capture the scheduling and cost data, they are in a much better position to identify cost-savings opportunities as well as to analyze and set goals for future growth, retention, and membership loyalty.


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“The visibility we get from real-time access to our information from both within – as well as outside – the plant
is game-changing.”

Ron Underwood, Supply Chain Team Lead for Our Daily Bread Ministries

Avanti 2015 User Group Conference hits a home run with customers and partners

Attendance up 46% as company introduces Avanti Slingshot educational sessions

TORONTO, Oct 13, 2015 – Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of Print MIS solutions, announced attendance numbers for its 23rd Annual User Group Conference were up 46%, the highest in the company’s history.

Attendees enjoyed the splendor of Niagara Falls while attending sessions geared towards all levels – from “Newbie” to Expert – of both the Avanti Classic platform, as well as Avanti Slingshot, introduced in 2013 and recent winner of two MUST SEE’EM awards at this year’s Graph Expo.

“This year’s conference surpassed all of our goals and expectations”, stated Patrick Bolan, president and CEO, Avanti. “Our ‘first-timers’, who made up nearly half of our attendees, were quickly made to feel a welcome member of the Avanti family.”

“Thank you for making this a great first user conference experience for me,” shared Jayne Demerchant, VP of Export and Business Development, Taylor Printing Group. “I have learned so much in a week and look forward to taking this knowledge back with me. I was a sponge learning as much as I could, not only from the Avanti team but also the users and their experiences. The networking was incredible.” <<read the full release>>

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For the record Jr: Paul Tarascio

Paul Tarascio is that rare combination of loud and courteous. His charming personality and friendly demeanor make him a poster “people person”. I had the pleasure of both teaching Paul and working with him in a student group. He naturally takes on leadership roles, and is quick to become the “dad” persona. I’m excited to see how this will develop throughout his career.

Tell us about yourself

Life after graduation has been somewhat of a blur. After leaving Ryerson’s Graphic Communications Management program I have been throwing myself into my career 150%. I bounced around to a few different positions from sales to prepress back to sales and finally where I am now, an Implementation Specialist at Avanti.

I work closely with our customers as they embark on the journey that is a Print MIS Installation. Specifically, it is my job to ensure that customer is fully trained in the software they are purchasing and that the transition period goes smoothly. <<read more>>

This post, written by Natalia Lumby, Assistant Professor at Ryerson University and Associate Editor at Graphic Arts Magazine, originally appeared in the September issue of Graphic Arts Magazine

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Join us in Atlanta for SGIA

With Avanti Slingshot Grand Format Estimating, you can deliver customer-specific pricing easily, consistently and without errors. This award-winning, cloud-based solution enables you to easily turn estimates into jobs providing notes, user-defined notes, pre-defined document comments, file attachments, assembly and layout instructions from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone), at any time from anywhere.

Visit us in Booth 1027 and see for yourself what Avanti Slingshot Grand Format Estimating, winner of a 2015 MUST SEE'EM, can do for you.

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Avanti FY2015 revenue up 15%

Avanti Slingshot continues its strong momentum with new and existing client-base

TORONTO, Oct 2, 2015 – Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a leading provider of Print MIS solutions, announced continued revenue growth for FY2015, ending August 31, 2015, with year-over-year revenues up 15%.

The company attributes its success in part to its continued investment in R&D, as well as its unwavering commitment to customer service.

In September, Avanti Slingshot received JDF Certification from the CIP4 organization, making it the only JDF-certified cloud-based Print MIS in the market today. Certifications were received for both MIS to Prepress and Integrated Digital Printing. In addition, the company added new enhancements and improvements to the Avanti Classic platform, with the release of Version 14 in July.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the momentum and traction that we are experiencing”, stated Patrick Bolan, president and CEO, Avanti. “We’re honoured to have won 2 MUST SEE’EMs this year for Avanti Slingshot at last month’s Graph Expo, and look forward to continued growth throughout FY2016.” <<read more>>


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Don't miss out on our Weekly Webinar Series

Find out how Avanti helps digital, offset, hybrid and large format shops meet customer demands efficiently and cost effectively. Discover the critical role that MIS can play in your organization to help you achieve your goals by joining us for one of our upcoming live webinars Thursdays at 2PM EST.

Selecting a Print MIS
This webinar discusses some of the key objectives and top challenges that arise when selecting an MIS platform and provides tips on how to go about the selection process.
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Automate Your Sales Force & Enhance Customer Service with Avanti Slingshot CRM
We'll demonstrate how Avanti Slingshot CRM enables you to better understand and manage your customers by providing your sales team with real-time access to up-to-date customer data at any time from anywhere.
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Save Time & Money with Avanti Slingshot's Gang Run Tools

Join us to see why Avanti Slingshot’s Automated Press Sheet Optimizer technology earned a MUST SEE 'EM award by the Graph Expo 2015 selection committee. By combining similar print jobs from a variety of sources as a gang run, print providers can benefit from economies of scale, and substantially reduce the cost of each individual job.
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Avanti Slingshot Large Format & Grand Format Workflow

Discover how Avanti Slingshot, winner of a 2015 MUST SEE'EM for Grand Format Estimating, helps printers better manage large format and grand format jobs, focusing on the ease of creating profitable estimates based on actual costs, and how those estimates are easily turned into job orders with the click of the mouse.
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Automate Your Entire Shipping Process with Avanti Slingshot Shipping Integration
See how Avanti’s Shipping module helps you manage your entire shipping process from customizing your own labels to transferring shipping and billing information to UPS or FedEx.
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A Day In The Life of the Automated Print Shop featuring Avanti Slingshot Print MIS

See how Avanti’s Shipping module helps you manage your entire shipping process from customizing your own labels to transferring shipping and billing information to UPS or FedEx.
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