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A summer learning to feel better.

I've spent a lot of time looking through life at ground level.  In otherwords up.  It's a different perspective, somewhat incredible and somewhat weird.  Ceilings are parts of our world a lot of us do not spend time looking at! The sky however, now that's another story :)

Yes, I'm BACK.  With added information on pain management, stress reduction, and a large increase of data on Range of Motion.  Or did you not guess that? 

It's been a summer of learning how to feel better for me.  Patience, patience and more patience.  I am seriously impressed on how it has changed the part of me that continued on an overly speedy and uneccessary pace of life.  "Slow down" I heard myself saying.  "You only have one left knee".  Easier said than done right?

I've sent a gallery of images in this newsletter, not to boast and not at all for sympathy.  I've sent them to you for inspiration, a little humor and to let you know how the experience has compelled me to become even more connected to my profession. 

Inspiration was what I took away from this summer's National Convention in Pittsburgh (me and my saturated brain in the picture above). The conference focused on evidence based research within the Massage Therapy profession and Oncology Massage.

Practitioners around the country attended and it was obvious that the "alternative" healthcare field is no longer considered "alternative".  After all it is really "Integrative".  In other words, being integrated with and being part of your exisiting health care. So for me that looked like ACL reconstructive surgery and still looks like physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, clinical herablism, and of course Massage Therapy. And it really never ends does it?

Integrative most likely looks different to everyone as we are all unique.  The trick is to find what works best for YOU.

So GOOD things are happening at 153 Elm Street. We are now very easy to find as we finally were able to put in our sign out front! Plus we are getting new artwork in by Lisa Mase for our revolving gallery and now is the time to get ready for the winter season of outdoor activities. Please book a session here!


ps-for those of you referring your friends to me please allow yourself a $10.00 credit!

Sometime after 3.24.2015

Me & Bledsoe  (the brace :)

Art by Brian Montgomery, DPT

How I love my rehab ball!

A stroll in the Capitol City.

A break from Swimming :)

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