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I was a kid in primary school in 1983 when Australia elected a hugely charismatic leader with a big policy agenda - Bob Hawke. My dad, a fervent Labor supporter, had a t-shirt he wore proudly: it featured a cartoon of Hawke with his head on top of a beer can, shooting into the stratosphere, and the caption “Bob’s a bottler!”

It’s almost impossible to imagine that kind of fervour for a political leader these days. And that’s because, as Michelle Grattan writes, not only were they different times but Hawke was a different leader. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but he had enormous strengths and did more than any PM we’ve had in the past decade, and probably since he left.

Amanda Dunn

Section Editor: Politics + Society

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In 1990, Bob Hawke and his cabinet looked poised to take climate action. But the following year his prime ministership ended. NAA

Bob Hawke, the environmental PM, bequeathed a huge ‘what if’ on climate change

Marc Hudson, University of Manchester

What if Bob Hawke, hailed as a leader who actually 'got' environmental issues, had never been rolled by Paul Keating? Perhaps the climate policy wars would have turned out differently.

Your income, type of work, where you were born, and other social and demographic factors influences your vote more than you may think. The Conversation / Shutterstock

You are what you vote: the social and demographic factors that influence your vote

Rob J Hyndman, Monash University; Dianne Cook, Monash University

How much does your socio-demographic background such as income, type of work and where you were born affect who you vote for? Quite a lot.

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