Projectile vomiting is common with norovirus. Elnur/

Your blood type may influence your vulnerability to norovirus, the winter vomiting virus

Patricia L. Foster, Indiana University

Norovirus, the winter vomiting bug, is highly infectious among people in confined places – like cruise ships. But not everyone is equally vulnerable. Your blood type may determine if you get sick.

To understand the effects of a big die-off, researchers set up experiments with wild boar carcasses. Brandon Barton, Mississippi State University

Rotting feral pig carcasses teach scientists what happens when tons of animals die all at once, as in Australia’s bushfires

Brandon Barton, Mississippi State University; Abby Jones, Mississippi State University

Death is a natural part of ecosystems. But it's unusual for a large number of animals to all die at once. Researchers are investigating how a mass mortality event affects what's left afterwards.

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