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Radio microphones changes

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has recently concluded its work on the changes to the frequency ranges available for radio microphone use. 

The outcomes of the recent UHF Radio microphones: Opportunities for future use consultation have been implemented permitting new frequency ranges and digitally modulated radio microphones.

From 11 March 2015, radio microphones (and other wireless audio devices, such as in-earpieces) will no longer be permitted to operate in the 698-806 MHz frequency range.  This aligns with the deadline that was set in 2010.  A deadline of 1 January 2014 has also been set where the sale and supply of radio microphones in the 698 – 806 MHz frequency range will no longer permitted.

The MBIE has begun a communications campaign to ensure radio microphone users and suppliers are aware of, and prepared for, the changes and their deadlines. A brochure and fact sheets on the changes are being distributed to users and suppliers of radio microphones with further information available on www.retune.co.nz.

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North Island TV has gone digital

TV in the Upper North Island, Waikato and Bay of Plenty went digital on 1 December 2013. You now need Freeview, Sky or Igloo to continue watching TV. This completes the switch over to digital TV for all of New Zealand.

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Change of GST and Bank Account Numbers

With the implementation of the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) on 01 July 2012, the GST and bank account numbers for Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) have changed. Please note these changes and update your records accordingly.

RSM Changes:

  • The RSM GST number is ‘109-304-085’
  • RSM Bank account ‘030049-0001354-00 ’has changed in name only to ‘MBIE Rad Spe’

Crown Changes:

  • The Crown GST number is ‘109-305-537’
  • Crown bank account number ‘030049-0001311-25’ is closed
  • The new Crown bank account number is ‘030049-0005128-26’

What’s the difference between RSM and Crown Payments?


If you hold a current radio or spectrum licence(s) you will pay an annual licence fee to RSM.  Annual licence fees will be generated from SMART (the Register of Radio Frequencies). Invoices generated from SMART will have the RSM GST number.

The Crown

If you have a spectrum licence that resides in a Crown Management Right you may be required to pay a resource fee or rental over and above an annual licence fee.  Resource fees or rentals will be invoiced separately.  These invoices are not payable online in SMART and discount does not apply.

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Services available over Christmas break

Radio Spectrum Management will close for the holiday break from 5:00pm Tuesday 24 December 2013 and reopen at 8:30am Friday 3 January 2014. SMART will continue to be available for use by clients and engineers through the break.

If you have a query regarding interference to a safety of life emergency service please call (026)106 091, leave your contact details and a brief message with the paging service.  The duty national coordinator will contact you within 15 minutes of receiving your pager message.  Please note: the emergency number (026)106 091 is used strictly for safety of life emergency services only.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.