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Our refit is complete...


Our refit is finally over and you are in for a bit of a surprise if you haven’t been to Scampers lately! We have doubled our natural treat section, added loads of new healthy snacks and accessories and jazzed up our wonderful cat section.


New raw therapeutic diets …

Our great friends at Nutriment have launched the first raw range of therapeutic diets for dogs. As you may know, we are not fans of many of the common “prescription” diets offered by Hills and Royal Canin due to their often cheap ingredients yet with a very high price. The launch of the new raw therapeutic diets is great for our customers to finally have a natural raw alternative to some of the mass produced ranges.


Arthritis in our pets…

As many of you know we have a little 3-year-old rescue crossbreed “Sardine” who came to us via French Bulldog Rescue. Just recently, we started to notice her getting stiff after exercise so we had her X-Rayed and sadly for her and us the X-rays showed she has advanced arthritis and very bad hip dysplasia.


Too often dogs like Sardine are being bred for money by unscrupulous and naive people who think that crossing two breeds gets rid of all hereditary health issues. Hip dysplasia is hereditary and when breeding any dogs both parents must be checked for ALL hereditary diseases, better still if there is no great reason to breed these dogs, just don’t do it, as the rescue centres are already overflowing with crossbreeds needing forever homes.


Fortunately for Sardine, we have an excellent in store veterinary practice who diagnosed her issue immediately and have prescribed some pharmaceutical pain relief which we are combining with some wonderful alternative remedies and supplements to help her stay comfortable. We have been using Yumove for the last two years which has clearly helped her but we have now moved her up to the more powerful Yumove 360.


We are also delighted to announce that later this month we will be introducing a very special buy 6 get 1 FREE loyalty card on all our Yumove products! Keep an eye on our Facebook for details.


Alex from Diet Dog read on twitter that Sardine was in a bad way and put together a combination of their supplements Joints and Bones, Muscle and Endurance and Senior Mobility for a 21 day course of treatment which we will repeat every few months. We are now continuing with Diet Dog Joints and Bones and Senior Mobility as an ongoing support for Sardine.


Then as luck would have it Matt from StreamZ just sent us a new magnetic resonance collar as a sample of their new products coming to Scampers in May. We love the StreamZ which is absolutely proven to help assist both humans, horses and dogs with mobility issues. Ask in store for more info.


I think you could say we have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at Sardines arthritis and so far, so good as we are seeing a small improvement. If you would like more information about some of our natural joint and health care products just ask to speak to a Scampers Pet Care Advisor.


Dog Law...

On May 12th we are delighted to be the venue for a one-off event hosted by our special friends at Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue. Today, we believe that everyone in the world of dogs needs to know all the laws effecting dog ownership whether it’s Breed Specific Legislation, liability, strays, buying and selling dogs or the new animal welfare act. The event is being presented by solicitor Mr Trevor Cooper of Dog Law and sponsored by Pet Plan. If you are interested in this event please telephone the Dog Law offices on 01227 469603 to buy a ticket which are only £20.


And finally…

Last week we had a full morning with Sandra Pearce the editor of the UK’s largest specialist pet retail magazine, Pet Business World. Sandra has not been here for a few years and all she said when she walked in was…WOW! We hope to share her three-page article about Scampers with you next month and for you to go WOW! too when we see you in store next :-)!


We look forward to seeing you and your lovely pets in store soon


Piers, Michelle, Rooster, Sardine and the while Scampers team!


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Nutriment Support Range

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Pure Range, 100% Single Source Proteins

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Aquarius Veterinary Centre

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Cool Mats by Scruffs

Many pets can suffer from the heat during hot summer months, our French Bulldog, Rooster, cannot cope during hot days, so he lounges around on his Scruffs Cool Mat chilling until the heat subsides in the day, then we take our evening walk. 

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Adopt Don’t Shop, what does this really mean and why is it important?


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I-Clean Self Service Dog Wash now at Scampers

“Anybody Who Doesn't Know What Soap Tastes Like Never Washed A Dog”
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