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Welcome to 2016

We hope that you had a great summer break and are refreshed for the year ahead!

On our recent travels we whipped together some compelling insights and a competitive review on Taxi Mobile Apps; check out our newest whitepaper to find out the top 3 pieces of info Riders want during the journey.

Also, please mark your calendars for a 1/2 day Workshop we are offering in Melbourne this month as a refresher on Eye Tracking the UX.
Wednesday 24th Feb, 9am-1pm
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What are the 3 things people want to know when riding in a taxi?

Since the inception of ride-sharing and taxi mobile apps, the taxi industry has changed considerably. Apps like Uber, GrabTaxi, Hailo and even taxi companies’ own booking apps are so convenient that they have essentially replaced the traditional waving action for flagging down a taxi. Due to the success of these apps, a wave of similar apps is coming in to take a share of the market.

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Eye Tracking in banking innovation

More and more innovations labs in Banks across APAC are embracing eye tracking as a preferred way to understand and improve their customers’ experiences. Eye tracking is not only a useful tool for companies to gather powerful and unbiased insights from their customers..
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Virtual Reality; The emergence of a new medium in UX

Pro Glasses 2 + Oculus DK2 = Tobii Pro's new virtual reality integration service! For more information contact
James Breeze


In 2015 we have seen some interesting new trends happening in the technology and UX scene. Notably, we see the emergence of a familiar medium that we are so used to see in science fiction movies – Virtual Reality (VR). Although VR has been around for quite some time now, it was a niche technology that were mostly used as a research tool, as it has been far too expensive and bulky to enter the mainstream market.  Click here to download


The top digital trends expected to influence the next generation

Here’s a closer look at 10 digital trends expected to influence the next generation of experiences in the year ahead, and how organisations can use them to stay competitive.

  • Watch. It listens.
  • Service with manners.
  • B2We.
  • Disappearing apps.
  • The flattening of privilege.
  • Approachable government design.
  • Healthy is the new wealthy.
  • VR’s dreams come true.
  • Taking things off the thinking list.
  • Design from within.

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How UX helped Netflix take over the world

The idea of putting the customer first is something of a marketing cliché. But that’s exactly how Netflix became the world’s biggest broadcaster.

“Put the customer first” is something every marketer says. It’s such a common sentiment that it’s kind of cliché, but that’s exactly what Netflix did. And for the company, the user experience (UX) starts with data.
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The Future of Motion in UX Design

Design is coming to life in ways never seen before.
That’s according to Kharis O’Connell, the CEO and founder of HUMAN, a Vancouver-based product and design studio focused on emerging platforms. Much of the company’s work is rooted in wearable technologies, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), where motion plays a crucial role in how we interact with technology. In fact, it will change it forever.

“Motion is absolutely critical to the design of the future,” O’Connell said.
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