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March Newsletter 2019


If you haven’t been to Scampers recently you are in for a great surprise, our team have been busy again, as our seemingly endless refit has finally come to an end and the store is looking fabulous!


Raw store…

Our raw complete pet food sales at Scampers have grown tremendously over the last ten years and now represent 10% of our total business, that is a lot of dogs and cats getting naturally healthier!


With help from our friends at Natures Menu, Nutriment, R.O.R and Purrform we have totally remerchandised the raw store with some super display freezers to make shopping our variety of raw complete meals so much easier.


Added to the raw store, is the super tasty range of raw complete dog foods from R.O.R, grain free and bone free. We have been trialling this food for some time ourselves with Rooster and Sardine and they give R.O.R a big “paws up”. R.O.R is a boneless complete and comes in 6 varieties, contains only human grade muscle meats, vegetables and superfoods, we love it.


New products…

As usual we have been hunting around for new products to add to our huge ranges and this month we have welcomed Beezteez a brand full of luxury puppy toys and harnesses, a new cat litter EcoLife, eco-friendly litter made from 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, from the makers of OdourLock, the complete range of Whimzees dental chews, some gorgeous new dog beds and lots more all around the store.


Scampers team…

Contrary to all the bad news about retail I am delighted that, thanks to you, we are still doing really well and are continuing to invest in our business and in our people. This month we have welcomed three new members to our team. Confusingly we have a third Sophie a second Emily and Charlie. This means we will be able offer even better service 7 days a week.


Special offers…

With all the new products coming in store we have had to make room so there are some great clearance offers available, do take a look. For our monthly March promotions just CLICK HERE.


We look forward to seeing you and your pets in store soon


Latest updates

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Ecolife Natural Cat Litter

A cat litter for greener living and an eco-friendly alternative to clay cat litter!

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Nosh Wood Chews

Now there's a bone to suit all life-stages and chewing styles for your dog.

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R·O·R raw frozen food
Bone Free Food

R·O·R has been perfectly designed to provide the ultimate healthy food for your dog.

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I-Clean Self Service Dog Wash now at Scampers

"Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog"
- Franklin P Jones

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Nandi Jerky Strips, the 100% natural and healthy 'anytime'snack'

Nandi Jerky Strips are lovingly made in their world-class kitchen. Prepared using all-natural ingredients, their Jerky Strips are guaranteed to contain more than 50% meat. COMING SOON

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PurrForm Raw Cat food - making the change

As a carnivore, a cat's digestion is uniquely adapted to utilise the ingredients in raw food. When you feed your cat a raw diet, you are replicating what they would eat in the wild.

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