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Together Rx Access Ends 2010 on a Healthy Note!

Thousands continue to enroll in Together Rx Access every week

Nearly 2.5 million cardholders are now enrolled in the Program

Cardholders have saved more than $115 million on their prescriptions

Our Commitment Remains Constant

"It is important for uninsured individuals and families to have access to resources that can offer immediate help so they can focus on what is most important…staying healthy. Together Rx Access is committed to making sure that its free, easy-to-use card remains available until healthcare reform legislation is implemented."

- Roba Whiteley, Executive Director, Together Rx Access

For more information and eligibility requirements,
visit or call 1-800-250-2839.

Did You Know?

FREE Program materials are available for you to share with uninsured individuals

– To order, visit

– Materials available in English and Spanish

Sponsored by many of America’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

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