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A New October Tradition

By Andy Farmer

October brings a number of well-known family traditions, like visits to pumpkin patches, Halloween costume shopping and eating a year’s worth of candy in a single day. This year, we’re asking Virginia’s families to add a lesser known, but equally important ritual to the mix: taking action to reduce their energy use. October is Energy Action Month, a good time to take stock of how we use energy, take steps to waste less and help others do the same before winter sets in.

Becoming more energy efficient can be surprisingly simple and inexpensive. This is the perfect time to start. In Virginia, we’ve made a commitment to help our economy and natural resources by setting a goal to reduce the Commonwealth’s electric energy use by 10 percent. It’s a goal we can reach with the support of Virginians across the state, from Arlington to Roanoke to Norfolk.

Nearly all of us recognize the importance of being mindful of our energy consumption. In a 2012 survey of Virginia homeowners, 98 percent said that saving energy is important to them. However, only 27 percent of those same respondents said they were highly knowledgeable on the best strategies to make their homes more energy efficient.

That’s why the Commonwealth created the Virginia Energy Sense program to help close that knowledge gap by providing residents with the resources they need to make their homes, businesses and schools more efficient. As the fall season approaches, there are a number of ways to prepare your home for the colder months.

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Celebrate Energy Action Month

Throughout October, Virginia Energy Sense will be bringing our free energy saving gadgets and tips to events across Virginia. Come visit us at an event near you and pick up a few tools to become more energy efficient or a few new ideas about how can you save money on your next energy bill. 

Here is where you can find us this month: 

Oct.15-17   Governor's Conference on Energy (Richmond)  
Oct.18        Cabell Brand Center’s Sustainable Energy Workshop                    (Roanoke) 
Oct 19        International Gold Cup (Warrenton)
Oct 26        Annandale Fall Festival (Annandale)

31 Tips to Save Every Day in October

Whether its swapping out incandescent bulbs with more efficient lighting or scheduling a professional energy audit, there is least one opportunity for every day in October to lower your energy consumption and save money.

Download our Energy Action Month calendar and learn the ways you can take action all October long.

Meet the Power Squad

In honor of Energy Action Month, we're introducing a new team of Energy Heroes. Each hero possesses a different "superpower" that saves energy and money. 

The Power Squad includes Captain Caulker, The Incredible Insulator, The Powerful Programmer, The Champion Charger and The Audacious Auditor. 

Do you have what it takes to join them in their fight against energy waste? 

For tips, resources and ways to get involved, visit: www.virginiaenergysense.org

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