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Destination: Hayman

We don't often boast about bikinis and bodacious ladies in our newsletters, but when a partner becomes the only Australian location selected for the famed Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated it seems as though it would be rude not to.

Released this month, the illustrious annual features one backdrop that is even more spectacular than the models - Hayman. Crystal clear water, aqua blue skies and beaches of perfect sand... Did anyone even notice a girl in this pic?

An easy way to donate to charity

Have you got burn marks from that time you deluded yourself into thinking you were a Masterchef? Or perhaps a scar from the years of 7 inch stilettos, before you realised that you are not a talented stilts walker?

We believe everyone has a skin story (or five) and Bio-OIl, Australia's number 1 skincare product, has decided it's time to celebrate these stories that make our skin unique.

Share your skin story here so that Bio-Oil can translate your tale into a $5 donation to Look Good... Feel Better.

Even international model Robyn Lawley shares her story about battling with the fashion industry's idea of the perfect size.

Toga Hotels announce major rebranding exercise

Ever dreamed of changing your name to something more...fun? Perhaps a sexier alias?

Well, Toga Hotels have just announced a major rebranding exercise, renaming 17 Medina Apartment Hotels to Adina Apartment Hotels and 4 Medina Apartment Hotels to Medina Serviced Apartments. Although a different name appears, the service hasn't changed. With guests at the heart of everything they do, the Toga Hotels’ team will continue to provide the highest level of accommodation and service.

For more information about Toga Hotels visit: www.togahotels.com.au

Genuine Luxury at Saffire Freycinet

The awards keep coming for Saffire Freycinet on Tasmania’s East Coast. Just last month Saffire has been named in the top three in Australia for two TripAdvisor awards - Luxury Hotels and Small Hotels, and on February 15 at the Australia Tourism Awards, took home silver in the Luxury Accommodation category.

Saffire Freycinet’s concept and design are like no other in the country, capturing the essence of this unique region and connecting with its environment to bring an authentic and enriching experience for its guests.

For any media enquiries, please contact Renee Lynch.


Shake It!

Seeya later PSY, the Harlem Shake is the latest internet's new favourite dance.

Early February saw the very first Harlem Shake video uploaded to YouTube by amatuer comedian Filthy Frank, however it was a group of Sunshine Coast guys (The Sunny Coast Skate) whose clip went viral with over 13 million views. Fast forward two weeks and over 40, 000 "Harlem Shake" videos can be found on YouTube with an astonoshing 175 million views.

DJ and music producer Baauer is responsible for the song that 15 seconds in directs you to "do the Harlem Shake", which has since shot to NO.1 on iTunes Charts.

Haven't yet seen this viral craze? Everyone from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, to 2Day FM and, you guessed it, the Army!

Intern is a dirty word

The word intern conjures up memories of coffee-making, late nights by the photocopier, and never ending piles of filing. Forget all that! Here at Klick, we don't have interns; we have a Happy to Help Crew. These Klick-trained assistants have completed the three-month KlickStart program, which gives practical, hands-on training in PR, social media and all-round agency life.

We take on six new recruits every year, help set their personal goals, tailor their program, show them the way, and then watch them go for it! If you're interested in the program, apply here.

Read what one of our current Happy to Helps, Klaus from (sunny!!) Denmark, has to say about the programme.

Bondi Beach

The sun shone bright on Australia Day at Bondi Beach, but this iconic location didn't take out the 2013 title. That didn't stop 2,070 locals and visitors from getting involved on the day.

Glenelg Beach

South Australia represented this year with a live cross on Channel Ten's The Project the night before the big day, and Channel 9's Today Show went down to Glenelg to get in on the action on the day.

Cottesloe Beach

If this image is anything to go by you'll understand why the West Australians broke the world record and took out the 2013 Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge. A whopping 2,093 people got involved on the day.