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Katla, a large volcano in Iceland, last erupted exactly 100 years ago. There is no volcanic schedule, and Katla isn’t 'due' another eruption, but that didn’t stop newspapers around the world recently spinning an innocuous scientific paper about the volcano’s emissions of carbon dioxide into a story of imminent doom and destruction. Kate Smith looks at volcanic ‘fake news’ and what to do about it.

It’s time to focus on quality, not just quantity, of diet to reduce the risk of obesity and its health consequences. We need to pay less attention to old-fashioned calories and scales and more to our body’s metabolism, and the diets and microbes that produce these healthy chemicals. Tim Spector explains.

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Katla last erupted in 1918 – but there is no evidence to suggest that it will erupt again soon. ICELANDIC GLACIAL LANDSCAPES / wiki

‘Fake news’ about volcanic eruptions could put lives at risk

Kate Smith, University of Exeter

We can't say that Katla in Iceland is 'due' to erupt, no matter what you have read.

Many rugby players are overweight, as defined by their BMI. Roger Sedres/Shutterstock.com

Stop measuring obesity with a ruler: we’ve discovered a far better predictor of health

Tim Spector, King's College London

Metabolites in a drop of blood may be a better way to determine your metabolic health than body mass index (BMI).

Science + Technology

Violent videos put journalists at increased risk of post-traumatic stress

Doug Specht, University of Westminster

Dealing with graphic videos and images can harm journalists' mental health.

Giant mosquitoes flourish in floodwaters that hurricanes leave behind

Michael Reiskind, North Carolina State University

Yes, giant mosquitoes are a thing. They're specialized to wait out the dry times only to emerge from their eggs when high water provides the perfect larval environment.

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