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The 12 months since Hurricane Maria wrecked Puerto Rico have been grim. It has experienced the longest power outage in American history, thousands have died and many others have fled to the US mainland. Lauren Lluveras writes that the island of 3.3 million has not yet recovered and Puerto Rican society remains devastated.

Each year during the the Islamic month of Muharram, Shiite Muslims around the world remember the martyrdom of Hussein, Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Ken Chitwood explains how this festival is commemorated in a unique way by Trinidad's small Muslim population.

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Some Puerto Ricans had to restore downed power lines themselves after Hurricane Maria. Alvin Baez/Reuters

Puerto Rico has not recovered from Hurricane Maria

Lauren Lluveras, University of Texas at Austin

It's been one year since a Category 4 storm turned Puerto Rico into a disaster zone. Today, nearly every pillar of society — including the economy, health care and schools — remains hobbled.

Hosay procession in St. James. Nicholas Laughlin

How an ancient Islamic holiday became uniquely Caribbean

Ken Chitwood, University of Florida

Hosay, a religious ritual performed by Trinidadian Muslims, combines the somber Islamic observance of Ashura, brought by immigrant Indians, and the joy of Trinidad's famous carnival.

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