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Cox Enterprises Outward Bound Professional Programs Hits 20th Year!

NCOBS’s Outward Bound Professional Program has become part of the leadership culture at Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises. The four-day NCOBS immersion is just the beginning of a nine-month Cox Leadership Program and is seen as a “rite of passage” for select, high-potential leaders who will become responsible for over 50,000 employees and $15 billion in revenue.

Cox relies on NCOBS’s Professional Programs to integrate personal growth and professional development. Participants come away with increased confidence to make tough decisions in the face of uncertainty, solicit feedback, interact with colleagues and clients, work in teams, and inspire people to excel.

"Incredibly valuable – very rarely in my professional life do I get real-time feedback, or take time to reflect on my behaviors. The analogy to use the [climbing] rock as a mirror is something I carry with me ... I plan to ‘pay it forward’ to my team and my company." -2014 Cox Enterprises Participant

Cox Enterprises, its employees, and its Foundation continue to support NCOBS. This year, in addition to supporting our work in Atlanta Public Schools, the Cox Foundation is funding two tuition-free NCOBS wilderness programs for military veterans from the Metro Atlanta region.

2nd Annual Warrior Institute Veterans Expedition A Success

For the second year, NCOBS and the Warrior Institute collaborated to offer a week-long canoe course for four military veterans and their partners in the Florida Everglades. The crew came from all over the southeast and they ranged in age from 21 to 76! These veterans were among 206 others who participated in tuition-free NCOBS wilderness programs last year.

The expedition introduced participants to traveling by canoe in the wilderness, as well as biofeedback training, mindfulness, breathing techniques and focusing on managing symptoms of stress and anxiety. This training was provided by staff from the Warrior Institute, whose goal is to enhance the quality of life for military service members, veterans, and their families through therapy and training for symptoms associated with combat and military service.

"It is always enjoyable working with a values-based, mission-driven organization such as NCOBS. Our collaborative trips provide participants with a unique combination of exciting opportunities, training, and skill-building that cannot be attained elsewhere... We look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship and leading many more trips with NCOBS in the future!" -Tonia Zyburt, Warrior Institute Program Director

Staff Highlight: Corey Winstead

NCOBS employs more than 200 instructors each year to staff its wilderness programs. Our instructors are accomplished outdoor educators who have extensive experience and training and whose passion forms the backbone of the organization and the heart of every course. Corey Winstead, our Chief Climbing Instructor, is a great example of these qualities. For the past eight years, Corey has advanced his career through numerous trainings and certifications as well as his own undeniable passion for changing the lives of his students through challenge and discovery.

“Being the Chief Climbing Instructor for NCOBS meansthat I oversee all climbing and ropes course activities school-wide. NCOBS will climb with approximately 1,700 students this year alone,” Corey explains. “In addition to hundreds of days climbing with students, my job involves hiring our Climbing Specialists, maintaining ropes courses and developing the technical skills of our instructors. It is a priority to make sure our staff are trained at the highest level to keep students safe in high-risk environments.”

Risk is an important educational component of NCOBS courses. According to Corey, “More than anything an Outward Bound instructor must be a good risk manager. One of the most amazing things about Outward Bound is ...Read More