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Future Unfolding #5


During the last weeks we've been working on implementing the water areas that you saw in the previous newsletter. As with the recent addition of the heights, we think they will make exploring the world even more interesting. Here's what the water areas look like in the level editor:

We can define different levels of depth for a water area. The player avatar will be able to walk through shallow water, and to swim through deep water. Check out this Vine to see how it all comes together in-game.

In addition to working on the game (and taking a few days off in the summer), we continue to show Future Unfolding at different events.

Mattias will be traveling to Kyoto to attend the BitSummit festival. This is the first time we'll be in Japan to present since we showed Spirits to the public for the first time at Sense of Wonder Night in 2010. If you're going please say hi!

There are a few more unannounced events coming up where you'll be able to play the game. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter issue for more details.


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Gardenarium, a relaxing adventure taking place on a cloud in the sky. As Future Unfolding, it was on display at the Mild Rumpus exhibition during GDC this spring. We have to say, it looks very special.

Until next month,
– Andreas, Marek & Mattias