Issue 97
  1. Pro-level mousepads
  2. Your personal dashboard
  3. Noise-cancelling listening pleasure
  4. A stubborn to-do app
  5. The world's best mouse (?)
  6. Typing accelerator

Hello there!

Happy New Year! Thank you for reading The Modern Desk and supporting my publishing efforts! 

Leading up to the launch of the newly designed Offscreen, January and February will be busy months for me. As part of the relaunch, The Modern Desk will join the Offscreen brand under the name 'Offscreen Dispatch'. Apart from a new look and a new name the newsletter's format will remain largely the same: I'll be sharing interesting tools, apps, accessories, and occasional reads with you every Tuesday.

I'm hoping to be able to switch to the new design some time in January. Watch this space for the announcement.

Let's start the new year with a guest-edited issue by Toby Nieboer. (Thanks Toby!)

Have a great first week of 2017!



Our Guest Editor

Toby Nieboer

Toby is a technical recruiter at Lookahead Search, a developer, gadget hoarder, mac & cheese enthusiast and dad. He also helps run AppleTalk Australia and is on the committee of Ruby Australia. His main vices are coffee and Taylor Swift.


This Weekʼs Line-Up

Pro-level mousepads

I've always found mousepads really irritating – they slip around your desk and there's no good tradeoff between size and convenience. That was until I found the Aorus Thunder Extended. Why use a tiny mousepad when your whole desk can be a mouse mat?

Your personal dashboard

Exist collects data about my health and habits from an ever-expanding variety of sources, and identifies trends that help me make better decisions. Turns out I'm more productive when I get plenty of sleep – who knew!? The developers are super transparent and responsive as well.

Noise-cancelling listening pleasure

These were a present to myself after I recruited my first developer at Lookahead. They're super lightweight – I often forget I'm wearing them – and they sound amazing. The noise cancellation is first rate, which is a big plus on my commute.

A stubborn to-do app

I tend to get pretty engrossed in what I'm doing, so Due is a to-do app custom-made for me – if I don't complete an item when I'm reminded, it pesters me every five minutes until I do it. Annoyance is a great antidote for laziness.

The world's best mouse (?)

I ran a couple of Logitech's MX Revolution mice into the ground, and the MX Master is a more than worthy successor. Pleasing heft, tons of buttons, super customisable and the world's best scrollwheel. I couldn't imagine using anything else.

Typing accelerator

Between email, cover letters, interview notes, Slack, Twitter, and iMessages, I spend my whole day writing – which makes a good text expander indispensable. aText gets the job done without feature bloat or excessive resource usage.

Celebrate what you want to see more of.
— Tom Peters