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Two New Packs in the CommandFusion Store

Over the last couple of weeks we have added two new packs to our online store. Both these packs give you a 5% discount off the standard price and the IR Blaster Pack gives you a special bonus until the end of July!


IR Blaster Pack

Visit our online store now - you will need to login to see these specials!

15% Off Custom Code Crafters Templates!


We are pleased to announce that CommandFusion users can now purchase the entire range of Custom Code Crafters (C3) iViewer templates directly from our online store!

To celebrate, we are offering 15% off all C3 templates purchased from our store until July 25th 2013.

To view the full range of available iViewer templates, head across to our store. You will need to login to view the available templates.

Don't miss out on 15% off!

What to Consider When Using Tablets and Smartphones as Control Devices in Home Automation Systems

Can using tablets and smartphones replace expensive proprietary devices and bring home automation to the masses? Or is it just a recipe for disaster?

This three part series looks at why consumer based devices are a great replacement for proprietary devices. 

Read the full 3 articles here!

Case Study: Home Theater For Use By Elderly Person

Masahiro Tabata from Green Works Inc in Japan is an enthusiastic user of CommandFusion products. He has shared with us this case study of a recent installation he carried out at a residence in Tokyo, Japan.

5 years ago, an elderly 70 year old woman had a home theater room installed in her home in Tokyo, Japan. However, due to the amount of remote controls required to even watch standard TV and the complexity of the start up procedure, she was reluctant to use the home theater system.

Masahiro was asked to provide recommendations and was soon awarded the job.

Read the full case study here.

Want to submit your own case study and be rewarded for it? See this page!

CommandFusion Blog Now Online

We now have our blog up and running!

Be sure to check it out regularly for news, articles and everything else related to CommandFusion and the automation and control industries.

We have even added handy RSS and Atom feeds so you can subscribe and be notified using a 3rd party application.