For a little while now, we’ve had a monthly segment on Radiowest chatting to Jess on the morning show about our letter-writing pursuits. It takes all of three minutes and we get to choose the topic of conversation yet still, the fact that it’s being broadcast to all of Western Australia, brings a detectable crackle of hysteria to our normally calm voices. It’s fair to say, neither of us loves public speaking.

Therefore, when a lass called Spanna (a nickname, not the result of cruel parenting) asked us to write to her sister to apologise for not making a speech at her 21st, we totally got it. For many people, speaking in public is akin to streaking naked across a football field and should be avoided at all costs. You can read what we wrote here.

Some other things we've written lately include a pep-talk for an artist,  a goodbye poem, an artist's biography and a letter to a professor who, despite being incredibly educated, doesn't understand how to use question marks.

By far the kookiest request we’ve had lately was from a couple who were opening a hot dog joint and needed a hand naming hot dogs. We also wrote some copy for their website. Despite both of us being vegetarian, we were ravenous by the time we finished that job.

And now for the lemons. You'll remember how last year we wrote a letter for someone who was living in Geelong and hating life? And our letter failed to convince her partner to move back to Melbourne? Well, we were delighted to hear about an awesome website she has started called Oh! Hello Geelong where she looks for the loveable in G-Town.

If that aint making lemonade out of lemons we don't know what is.

Check out the scores we've been getting around in this summer:

We're ready and waiting for requests so give us a shout if you're dying to get some difficult words off your chest. You know you want to...

Jane and Penny 

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