Chinese cobra (Naja atra) with hood spread. Briston/Wikimedia

Snakes could be the original source of the new coronavirus outbreak in China

Haitao Guo, University of Pittsburgh; Guangxiang “George” Luo, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Shou-Jiang Gao, University of Pittsburgh

A new coronavirus related to SARS and MERS has now traveled from China to the United States. A genetic analysis reveals that this deadly pathogen may have originated in snakes.

Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon Osbourne after Ozzy received a Golden God Award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony in London on June 11, 2018. Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP Photo

Ozzy Osbourne has a type of Parkinson’s disease called Parkin: A neurologist explains

Michael Okun, University of Florida

Ozzy Osbourne, famous for biting heads off bats, heavy metal music and a reality TV show, announced he has Parkinson's disease. A Parkinson's specialist explains the disease and recent advances.

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