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We’ve received more than 1000 submissions – find out what they say and decide if you want to make a further submission

Submissions on the stage one chapters and planning maps can now be viewed at proposeddistrictplan.ccc.govt.nz.  You can also make a further submission from this site.

There are just 10 working days to make a further submission.

Hard copies of the submissions received are also available to view at all Council service centres and libraries, including the civic offices at 53 Hereford Street. 

Further submissions can be made online via the Council’s website or using a District Plan Review further submission form available from Council service centres and libraries during the submission period (or on request from our customer call centre).  Further submission forms can be scanned and emailed to us at dpreview@ccc.govt.nz or dropped in to the Council’s civic offices at 53 Hereford Street.

About further submissions

Further submissions must either support or object to an initial submission; so can’t be on new issues that weren’t raised in initial submissions.

You don’t need to have made an initial submission to be able to make a further submission.

Further submissions can be made by:

  • Anyone representing a relevant aspect of the general public 
  • Anyone with an interest greater than the general public 
  • The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery
  • The Minister for the Environment
  • The Christchurch City Council.

Within five days of lodging your further submissions with the Council, you must also give a copy to the person who made the original submission.  Their contact details will be on the submission.

Important dates

• Further submission period closes              6 November 2014
• Further submissions published                  20 November 2014

The dates for hearings and panel deliberations are still to be confirmed by the independent hearings panel.  The panel’s website (www.chchplan.ihp.govt.nz) will be available later this week.

We expect the remaining chapters of the District Plan Review to be notified in mid 2015.

We welcome your involvement in the review process and invite you to share this information with others

If you have any queries about the District Plan Review (including how to use the online plan or what it means for your property), please contact us on Ph 941 8999 (0800 800 169 if you are calling from Banks Peninsula).  If our customer services representative can’t resolve your query, they will be able to put you through to a planner who can help.  You can also or email us on dpreview@ccc.govt.nz.

Thank you for your interest in the District Plan Review.

Brigitte de Ronde
City Planning Unit Manager
Strategy and Planning Group
Christchurch City Council