SDS Contractors Donating Rock for State Park Projects

February 5, 2014

One of the most challenging aspects of SDS construction near Pueblo Dam is turning into a unique benefit. Excavation for the pipeline leading from the dam and the nearby Juniper Pump Station has turned up significant amounts of rock the size of boulders - many of which will be used around the park and new SDS facilities as landscape features.

Park visitors may have noticed a collection of boulders in the construction area near Juniper Road. Architects for the Juniper Pump Station, and State Parks staff are collaborating with the SDS contractors (Archer Western and Garney Construction) 

to select the most decorative of the boulders for their use.


Finding decorative boulders that blend in with Lake Pueblo State Park's surroundings can be a challenge, and the rocks turned up by the SDS contractors are perfect for the recreational setting. The park is also saving money by recycling rock from the site that would otherwise be hauled away.

"This rock is perfect for our efforts to enhance fish habitat in the river near Juniper bridge," said Doug Krieger, Senior Aquatic Biologist Colorado Parks & Wildlife. "The nearby construction is providing us a rare opportunity to have easy access to high-quality native material, as well as enhance recreation for park users."

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