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Message from Ann Keeling, CEO, IDF

Realising our potential

IDF's Annual Report, launched at the end of last quarter, showed us just how far we have come and the promise of things yet to come. This quarter marked the realisation of this promise and the start of global political action inspired by the diabetes community. We witnessed a historic moment at the World Health Assembly in May when governments agreed the first ever global target for NCDs. Now every country must work toward the common goal of a 25% reduction in preventable NCD deaths by 2025 and regularly report diabetes deaths to the UN. Read more

Spotlight on South Africa

Leigh-Ann Bailie, Executive Manager of Diabetes South Africa talks us through her association’s campaign highlights from last year and how the UN Summit on NCDs is making decision-makers sit-up and take notice of diabetes in South Africa.

Tell us about your organisation. Diabetes SA has a national office in Johannesburg and eight branches around the country. Branches are run primarily by volunteers drawn from the ranks of the membership base. Our branches have a strong network through linkages with over 100 smaller local branches and support groups in South Africa. Read more

Five questions with Jeffrey Brewer

Jeffrey Brewer is the CEO of JDRF the leading global organisation focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Here he tells us his highlights since becoming CEO and what JDRF's political priorities are for 2012.

What have been your highlights since becoming CEO of JDRF, nearly two years ago? The last two years have been full of highlights for me as CEO of JDRF as we strive to fulfill our mission of keeping people with T1D healthy and safe while we work towards a cure. I have fully dedicated myself to this mission and firmly believe that the work we are doing will free my son – and the millions of people like him around the world – from the daily burden of this terrible disease. Read more

Not lost in translation

What is translational research and how can it benefit people with diabetes? Professor Linda Siminerio, Chair of the BRIDGES Executive Committee and Director of the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute talks to us about what makes this branch of research so unique.

What are the aims of translational research? There is a lot of good science in prevention and treatment. However, one of the challenges facing us in bringing science to local communities is how to take research out of its ivory towers. Previously it has taken between 10-20 years before people could benefit from the science. Read more

Taking the World Diabetes Congress "Down-Under"

Have you saved the date for the next World Diabetes Congress? Lewis Kaplan, CEO of Diabetes Australia talks us through the preparations for the Congress and his expectations.

Diabetes Australia is very proud that IDF has chosen to run its next World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia. We have been engaging with our political leaders and with senior bureaucrats to ensure they understand the importance of this event. Read more

A blogger's view with Riva Greenberg

Riva Greenberg has recently been named as one of the top 10 Diabetes Online Influencers. She has a long career in journalism; a regular columnist for the Huffington Post and manager of her own inspirational website Diabetes Stories.

As a journalist you have conducted many interviews on diabetes. Who was one of your most inspirational interviewees and why? It may sound like the typical answer but so many of the people I’ve interviewed inspire me. That’s why I chose them. I was moved by diabetologist, Itamar Raz, whom I met in his office at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Read more

A culinary champion: Chef Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot is one of IDF’s newest Blue Circle Champion and author of The Sweet Life: Diabetes without Boundaries. We asked him how having diabetes impacted his decision to become a chef and his goals as a Champion.

Did having diabetes influence your decision to become a chef? Being a chef was in my blood, being a diabetic just made my cooking go in the right direction. Read more    

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IDF News

Global NCD target adopted at World Health Assembly

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At the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May, governments adopted the first-ever global target on NCDs, a 25% reduction in preventable mortality from NCDs by 2025. All governments are now mandated to collect data on diabetes and NCD mortality and will have to regularly report progress to the United Nations. IDF and the NCD Alliance have worked tirelessly since the UN Summit to ensure governments adopt ambitious global targets. We saw our advocacy efforts succeed; the 25% target has demonstrated political leadership on NCDs worldwide, and has the potential to accelerate action at national and global levels. More IDF Advocacy updates here

Experts explore connections between diabetes and climate change

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Against the backdrop of the World Health Assembly, IDF convened a standing-room only, expert dialogue on Diabetes and Climate Change. For the first time, experts from WHO and PAHO discussed interconnections between the two global threats and explored solutions to the problems. There was consensus on the urgent need for coordinated action on health, the environment and sustainable development.  Panellist Professor Ruth Colagiuri stated, “business as usual is not an option.”  The Diabetes and Climate Change Report was launched at Rio+20 meeting this month.

Study gives clearer picture of diabetes in China

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A preliminary study conducted in China by IDF, estimates that the number of people with diabetes in China has risen in excess of 92 million. Results show that type 1 diabetes is considered a challenge for policy makers and health providers in China. A lack of data hinders efforts to support people with type 1 diabetes and reduces the disease burden. Read more


A Champion for South America

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Miguel Paludo, the NASCAR race car driver, is IDF’s newest Blue Circle Champion.Originally from Brazil, Miguel got his first taste of racing behind the wheel of a go-kart at age 14. Since then he has raced at national level, including the Porsche GT3 Championship Series, earning several podium places. In 2010 Miguel made the trek to North America to try out his talents at the NASCAR level.
Miguel was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes eight years ago and since then has beenan  avid advocate of diabetes awareness and care. His son Oliver was also recently diagnosed with diabetes. Read more

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