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Now that there are three fully working satellite navigation systems, GPS, GLONASS and more recently the Chinese BeiDou system, testing ‘all in view’ integrated receivers is becoming more and more challenging due to the changing nature of the signals.

You may be asking yourself, how can I ensure that my product functions correctly, anywhere in the world?

The answer is to use a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Simulator like the LabSat 3, which records and replays live-sky satellite signals. Replaying these signals back into your device recreates the original time, date, and trajectory of the recording allowing you to test your device in any place on the earth, without leaving your desk. Also, because you can now carry out repeatable and consistent testing, you will find that development times and costs are significantly reduced.

SatGen Simulation Software

To playback the signals, you can either record them yourself, or use the library of standard and special ‘test case’ scenarios which are supplied with each LabSat, files which have been recorded in many different countries by our network of dealers.

If you don’t want to use real world signals, then you can always create artificial scenarios using the SatGen Signal Simulation software, defining an entire trajectory profile, position, time and date with just a few clicks.

LabSat 3 is extremely simple to use with one button to record and one to replay. The RF satellite data is stored onto a removable SD card, with over two hours of storage available from the 32Gbyte card supplied. It’s small and battery powered, making it very easy to record signals out in the field.

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LabSat 3 GPS simulator