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SamujanaBackyard Barbeque

'Summertime and the living is easy… grills are smoking… and the chilled beers are softly clinking…'

Schools out for summer. Sunny afternoons turn to balmy evenings around the pool. Dust off your hippie shades, weave some flowers into your hair and dig out your flower girl skirts for a nostalgic celebration of summer.

C'mon baby, light my fire. Peace out, man!


Finger Lickin' Lamb

Butterflied and marinated in yoghurt, Indian spices and love! Just like that summer in Goa. Naan, bless her soul… homemade with garlic and fresh coriander

Slow Braised Pork Belly

Very, very slowly braised for 12 hours at The Larder HQ Then bushed with our special sauce and served in a steamed Chinese bun

Lentil Sliders Deliciousness

'Lucy in the sky with diamonds.' Samujana LSD's (Lentil Slider Deliciousness) are entirely addictive

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Beer, hot sauce, butter, shrimp, crusty bread and heaps of awesomeness That is deep…

Paper Sole

Kick off your sandals and dig your toes into the grass as you unwrap a bag of steamed sole with capsicums, loads of herbs, butter and white wine… nice


Perfectly grilled Woodstock sausage rings in bread with melted onions, stoned mustard and vintage cheddar

Naughty sides to accompany your feast…

Hugging trees is hungry work

Corn salsa

Riata dip

Beetroot hummus. Very trippy…


THB 1,200 per hippie   THB 300 per flower child

Prices are subject to taxes and service charge imposed on us by 'the man'. Drinks are charged on consumption.

See you at the grill

For more information and to book, please contact Fabio, our main Beach Boy on email: or tel: 098 670 8497


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