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Elite 8, Bracket-ball, Wilks on the Road

Save the Date for Elite 8!

BCI’s 2nd Annual Elite 8 Kick-off is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th! Celebrate the Elite 8 with friends, food, and fun at Sports Column, the official sports bar of the Colorado Rockies (and one of the top 20 sports bars in the U.S. according to ESPN). Event details will be announced on March 6.

BCI Bracket-ball – Are you Game?

Pick your winning teams on Selection Sunday, March 11 and help support BCI programs! Just $10 per bracket, with a weekly prize for point-winners and a cash prize to the grand Bracket-ball champion, BCI Bracket-ball is THE bracket competition to win this year! Stay tuned for competition registration details on March 6.

Mike Wilks @ the NBA All-Star Weekend

It’s important for men like Mike Wilks, who “walks the walk” of integrity every day, to connect with other members of the basketball community at big events like the NBA All-Star Weekend last weekend. We are thrilled to have such a positive influencer-of-influencers on the BCI team. Mike, who is a member of BCI’s Board of Directors, attended several activities including the NBA All-Star Chapel Service (hosted by Pat Williams and the Orlando Magic on behalf of the NBA) and the All-Star Breakfast (hosted by Athletes in Action).

BCI continues to support athletes who are willing to use their influence in a positive way. We feel encouraged by athletes making news right now – like Jeremy Lin, who demonstrates outstanding character even as he shows off his incredible talent. We’re proud to be on the leading edge in a global conversation whose time has come: Where is the intersection of success and faith in professional sports? And how can we, as a community and as an organization, help to influence these superstar influencers? BCI answers these questions and explores new ways to make a difference every day.

We do what we do because professional basketball players are already engaged in a cycle of influence, many times without positive support, and because athletes who care are athletes we can all care about.

eBlast Email Address

Please add courtside@BCIedge.org to your address book today. We’re now sending BCI eblasts from the courtside address.

Get ready for some Madness!


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