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Webinar of the Month

RNA-Seq Alignment in Avadis NGS

The next version of Avadis NGS features enhancements to the RNA-Seq analysis workflow, namely an extension of the COBWeb alignment algorithm to enable alignment of RNA-Seq reads. Reads obtained from single/paired-end libraries or directional RNA-Seq protocols can be imported into the new RNA-Seq Alignment experiment.

In this webinar, we will describe the RNA-Seq alignment workflow that allows users to perform alignment against a transcript model and additionally against the genome. The alignment result can be used to directly create an RNA-Seq Analysis experiment in which differential expression, differential splicing, GO and other downstream analyses steps can be performed.

We have scheduled one session for North and South America, and a different session for Europe and Asia. Choose the webinar time that suits you best and register for free!

See you at the webinar!

Avadis NGS
North + South America
July 11, 2012
10 AM Pacific Standard Time
Europe + Asia
July 12, 2012
11 AM Central European Time

Coming Soon - Version 1.4

The above RNA-Seq alignment feature and a host of other enhancements are due for release as part of Avadis NGS 1.4 in mid-July. Our development team is working really hard to keep Avadis NGS abreast with the ongoing advances in the next generation sequencing field, and here is a sneak preview of the new features:
  • RNA-Seq Alignment: Avadis NGS has been extended to support alignment of RNA reads.
  • Target Region Alignment: Align DNA reads to a set of target regions as opposed to aligning against the whole genome.
  • DNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline: Multiple workflow steps can be combined into a pipeline and executed in the background.

- The Avadis NGS Team
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