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Together Rx Access® provides you with resources to help you educate your patients, constituents, and those you serve. This issue highlights top tips for you to share with others. Together, we can help families and communities take care of what is most important – their health – and make 2013 their healthiest year!

Value of Neighborhood Health Experts

Neighborhood Health Experts

It is important for your community members to know that health experts in their neighborhoods can help them with health questions and services. Some offer free or low costs services. READ MORE

Elected officials are also a great source of information. They can serve as an access point to other Federal government agencies, such as Veterans Affairs or Social Security. In fact, members of Congress have staff in their district offices specifically for this purpose. LISTEN and SHARE our podcast

Finding the Right Health Resources Online

Many online resources can help those you serve stay healthy and access the medicines they need to manage acute and chronic health conditions. Many are included on the Together Rx Access website.

  • NeedyMeds.org provides assistance to people who are unable to afford their medications and healthcare costs. LEARN MORE
  • Healthcare.gov provides information and tools about options available to you for healthcare coverage, how to manage this coverage, and ways to focus more on prevention and wellness. LEARN MORE

Avoiding Medication Mistakes

Avoiding Medication Mistakes

If you, your patients or members of your community are living with chronic conditions, it may require taking more than one medication. It is easy to confuse one medicine with another, or to misunderstand the directions. WATCH NOW

Resources for Professionals

A dedicated section of the Together Rx Access website offers you and your colleagues materials to share with others about the prescription savings program as well as helpful health fact sheets. You can also order brochures, print flyers, download a widget for your website or view a PowerPoint presentation about the Program. VISIT NOW

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