HVM Graphene+ 2014

Programme Oxford 15 May

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Session I: Carbon-based Functional Materials - All Confirmed
10:00 Dr Justin Hayward, Cambridge Investment Research - Introduction to HVMG+ 2014 Series Oxford & Cambridge

10:05 Professor Peter Dobson FRS, Oxford University Serial Entrepreneur - Chairman: the Landscape for Carbon-based Functional Materials & Applications

10:10 Audience Reverse Comments & questions for day speakers, chair, moderators and panellists 

10:40 Professor Vladimir Falko FInstP, Lancaster University - Theory and practice for carbon-based materials applications

11:00 Dr Felice Torrisi & J. Patrick Frantz - Cambridge Graphene Platform - General Strengths & Applications of Graphene 

11:20 Coffee & showcase

Session II: Materials & Manufacturing for electronics, aerospace, automotive, energy, health
Production with properties appropriate for specific application
11:40 Dr Martin Kemp - Haydale (tbc) - How Jen will interact with nanomaterials like graphene & CNTs 

11:50 Dr Richard van Rijn - Applied Nanolayers - CVD low-defect large-domain approaches to Graphene marketplace

12:00 Dr Paul Reip, Founder, Intrinsiq Materials - Electronic inks and pastes for packaging, batteries, sensors, displays and touchscreens

12:10 Toby Middlemiss & John Bexkens, Product Managers Motorsport/Composites, Oerlikon Balzers - Growth in diamond-like carbon and DLC coatings

12:20 Professor Tony Anson, Brunel University - Adding Value to Medical Implants by the use of Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

12:30 Gavin Farmer, Founder, Carbodeon - Nanodiamond in metal plating

12:45 Panel with Ian Burnett MIET, Director, JEMI UK

13:10 - 14:00 Lunch & Expo

Session III: Innovation Experience Presentations

14:00 Dr Ravi Sundaram, Business Development Director, Oxford Instruments - Lab2Fab and innovative tech solutions with new materials

14:15 Paul Ladislaus, Thomas Swan, A New Industrially-relevant route to high quality graphene

14:30 Dr Catharina Paukner, Cambridge Nanosystems - A new method for pure single wall CNTs

14:45 Ian Walters, CTO, Perpetuus Carbon Group, Graphene alternatives: are they underestimated?

15:00 Dr Emma Kendrick, CTO Energy Storage, Sharp Electronics R&D, The use of carbon in next generation battery technologies

15:15 Panel with Del Stark, Nanopro

Coffee and showcase

Session IV: Policy debate: innovation | funding | commercialisation | Global markets

16:10 Dr Nabil Zahlan, CEO, GrapheneSIG Collaboration & networks to exploit the Graphene opportunities

16:25 Dr Alec Reader, Nanotechnology, The KTN - Healthcare & Nano-medicine: UK update & recommendations

16:40 Dr Tom Taylor, Director of Future Businesses, CPI,  An enabler for UK innovation in global markets

17:00 Dr PÄ“teris Zilgalvis, J.D., European Commission Head of CNECT & Oxford University, Keynote: State roles in Innovation: regulatory, business and innovation law and policy

17:20 Panel with Professor Peter Dobson, Oxford University -  Chairman's Summary

Drinks & Networking


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This carefully constructed and challenging conference is part of the HVM Series that has been running since 2002. One objective is to look at business models and positioning for companies making or buying functional materials for large market applications such as in consumer electronics or health. We hope to surprise you with the potential here and that it will be an enjoyable, stimulating and possibly controversial conference discussion!

The event also has format innovations in 2014 such as full audience 'reverse' sessions for ideas, comments and questions to ensure all relevant issues are covered by listening chairman, moderators, speakers and panellists. It is an event for entrepreneurs, executives and experts, and those updating or learning about these markets and their potential. There are pleasant private meeting spaces at the Said Business School. Each session ends with coffees or lunch or drinks and more networking & showcase! The quality of the speakers is outstanding and there are many new players at the event this time. Places are limited for this high-level event. 

We hope to see you there on the day!

Best regards - Justin, Maya, Michael - CIR

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