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No, we're not traveling back to 1995. We're sorry about the last newsletter and here's the one we meant to share. Thanks for understanding!

Introducing PayPal Checkout

Buying things online can be a chore. We've made that process one step simpler on SmugMug by adding a new PayPal button at checkout, so you can print up your favorite memories without having to hunt for your wallet.

Pros: You've told us that your clients wanted a way to buy prints and gifts without digging for their wallets. And we love helping pros like you close the deal and make more money.

Take a closer look at both payment options now found in every SmugMug shopping cart… including yours!

Pro Corner
SmugMug at WPPI
Meet SmugMug at WPPI

Coming to WPPI? Us, too! Each year we look forward to meeting portrait and wedding pros like you who come to learn, connect and say hello. Stop by Booth #1413 and ask us your burning questions, share your feedback, catch a live demo and sweep up some free swag.

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Photo Tips
Big spenders
The Sanity Check for Big Spenders

If you're on the hunt for new camera gear but haven't yet made the leap, we invite you to first consider these 4 important questions.

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Camera gear
SmugMug's Gear Reviews

We've tapped some of our in-house cameraholics to take their dream gear out for a test drive. In return, they've written up their experiences, so if you're thinking about trying that lens, tripod or other equipment but aren't yet sure if it's worth it, take a look at our all-new gear reviews.

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How to Customize on SmugMug

No matter how much tweaking you want to do or whether or not you take photos for a living, there's a way to personalize your SmugMug site and make it completely yours. In this article we cover all of your options, from one-click Themes to hiring a professional to put it all together while you sleep.

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