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Book of the week: The Little Paris Bookshop

Dear Reader,

Why we love it!
The Little Paris Bookshop is a delightfully told tale, the sort of story that had us laughing and crying from one sentence to the next. It’s a book lover’s book and also a food lover’s book, alternately offering wise nuggets of reading advice and sensual descriptions of food and love.
Monsieur Perdu is a ‘literary apothecary’ – a bookseller who prescribes books for the emotional ills of life.  His ‘shop’ is an old barge moored on the River Seine in the heart of modern day Paris. But it is he who most needs a cure; for 21 years he has pined for the love of his life and, with the arrival of a stranger to his apartment block, his life is about to dramatically change course…
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Until next time, happy reading!

Cheryl Akle


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