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Recycling at its best!
Thank goodness all those GDPR emails have stopped arriving in our inboxes! It has been quite challenging wading through pages of regulations and trying to understand how they apply to our company. It seems everyone has interpreted the rules slightly differently, making it extremely difficult to find a definitive answer. After lots of research and advice we have come to the conclusion that the basic GDPR principal of respecting people’s wishes and using their contact details honourably and respectfully is nothing new to us, and is something our company has always strived to do. We will therefore continue, unless you ask us to stop, sending you relevant information we feel will benefit your company. If you would like to read our updated privacy statement, please do so here.

So, what can you expect from this edition of our newsletter? Here in the UK plastic waste and its impact on the environment is a hot topic. Following that theme we describe the environmental benefits of the returnable packaging system. Recycling at its best! You will also see a video showcasing the use of closed loop transfer for handling Methyl Iodide, a highly toxic substance. It is inspiring to see how easily both workers and the environment can be protected from even the most dangerous of liquids. We hope you find these articles interesting and would love to hear your comments and suggestions about our products. Please contact us here.
Reusable/Returnable Packaging
Reusable/Returnable Packaging
From robust containers to clothing, food packaging and everything in between, it seems there is no requirement which, with a tweak here or there, cannot be fulfilled with plastic.
Handling Methyl Iodide Safely
Methyl Iodide is a chemical compound used in organic synthesis. Due to its highly toxic and volatile nature, it needs to be handled with utmost care.
New Website
We have given our website a face lift and are very pleased with the fresh, contemporary results. Take a look for yourselves and see what you think. We would be very interested to receive your comments.
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