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Is this the end for house concerts?

A lot of you have probably got wind of the fact that we've been recently having trouble with Edinburgh City Council. The present situation is that we've been told to cease having concerts in our house after 31 December. We are not sure what the problem is, whether it's noise, the frequency of the concerts or the number of guests enjoying the music. We believed that since we took no money, sold no alcohol, and finished by 11pm, that we were entitled to invite people into our home to hear live music. We thought a home was somewhere where people sleep, eat and brush their teeth, and that we were entitled to invite whomever we pleased into that home. It seems that, as far as the Council is concerned, our house is a venue. As far as we understand it, a music venue has a box office, sells alcohol, has a marketing budget, and makes money from the enterprise. We have/do none of these things.

The situation remains that musicians desperately want and need to play to audiences who love live music, and we have reached that audience through our network of music loving friends. This state of affairs is compounded by difficult economic times when musicians are finding it particularly hard to make a living doing what they have worked hard for all their lives.

We don't yet know what will happen in 2013: as you know we are working towards finding a venue that can be run with the same ethos as the house, but we would urge you to come along to a house concert soon, while you still can.

Jane-Ann + Douglas

PS Our friend, top massage therapist and yoga teacher Lisa Williams is looking for second hand instruments for her children, so if you have a unused guitar or keyboard gathering dust in a cupboard please let us know. Lisa has promised to offer a massage or yoga lesson in return.

Aamos featuring Kevin Henderson – tonight (Wednesday 28 November)

Really looking forward to welcoming top Shetland fiddle player Kevin Henderson once again. He has played at the House a couple of times before and always charms the audience, not just with his wonderful playing but also his fabulous Shetland tales. This time Kevin is coming with one of his bands, Aamos, a Shetland fiddle trio based in Norway.

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The Halton Quartet – Thursday 29 November

The Halton Quartet is quite hard to define, but I’ll have a go. The band is made up of two duos who met on the way to play in Orkney. One of the duos, Wingin’ It made up of mandolin player Adam Bulley (Southern Tenant Folk Union) and guitarist Chas Mackenzie recently played a fabulous concert at the House, whilst those of you with longer memories will remember the Quartet last entertained us in March.

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Easy Living Quartet – Friday 30 November

The Easy Living Quartet draws on the repertoire and ideals of the classic Paul Desmond/Jim Hall quartets of the early 1960s. Not a tribute in the strict sense, they also contribute their own voices, influences, and favourite songs to the vibe. The repertoire includes standards, boss nova, and Desmond originals, while the style and feel range from cool and subtle to spirited and breezy.

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Modhan – Saturday 1 December

Modhan is new to the House, but not to Edinburgh. The band is based here, and when we checked them out, it was a no-brainer to offer them a gig. These guys are groovy folksters influenced by roots music in Scotland and throughout the globe. What attracted us to them was the infectious rhythms and sophisticated melodies that infuse their playing and recording.

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Rob Morsberger – Wednesday 5 December

Rob Morsberger is an American singer-songwriter who has worked with the likes of Patti Smith, Crash Test Dummies, Marshall Crenshaw, and Loudon Wainwright III. Although he was born in Ohio, he grew up in Oxford and studied at University of Edinburgh. He is looking forward to catching up with a few old friends and playing a fabulous gig when he visits the city in December.

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All concerts start at 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm).

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